Jul 30 2016

Will it be Hillary or Trump: Does it really matter?

trump or hillary[The following are excerpts from an article published on Crescent Online. Additions and deletions by M4L are contained within brackets “[ ]”.  – M4L admin]

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By Crescent Online
(http://www.crescent-online.net) July 26, 2016

Many people naively believe that history-making is something good. What difference does it or will it make if Hillary Clinton has made history by becoming the first woman to win the nomination of a major political party for the presidential post? Donald Trump’s grab of the Republican nomination is also unprecedented but both are dangerous for the world. Either could easily start a nuclear war.

With Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman contender for presidency of a major political party, media pundits are over themselves about the historical first. True, Hillary’s securing the nomination is historical. So is Donald Trump’s grab of the Republican nomination since he is an outsider.

But these are irrelevant details. In the past, George W Bush’s election as president was also an historic first since his father George Herbert Bush had also been president, albeit for a single term. Later, Barack Obama made history by becoming the first black man to occupy the White House.

History-making in itself has no value. The real question is whether either will make any difference to the lives of ordinary Americans. Trump projects himself as an outsider and has railed against the elite as if he is a poor man. He is the beneficiary of the same corrupt system making his billions in real estate. The fact that so many Americans have flocked to him shows how pathetically ignorant most Americans are.

As for Hillary Clinton, she has scored a double wammy: the first woman as well as the wife of a former president.

Who is better between the two of them? It may be more relevant to ask, who is the lesser of the two evils. This is the question that has confronted Americans in virtually every election. It reflects how corrupt the political system is. America is not a democracy; it is an oligarchy in which the people are led like sheep to make an ‘X’ on a ballot paper that they are told is their participation in democracy.


When asked why do they [i.e. Trump supporters] support him if they do not even know what his policies are, their response is: he should not reveal them otherwise his opponents—and now perhaps his only opponent, Hillary—will steal his policies.

Trump says he will make America great again. When asked, how, he simply says, I will because I am a businessman and I have made billions.

Hillary is in the pocket of Wall Street while both are in the pocket of the Israeli lobby. Thus, it would make not an iota of difference whether Hillary or Trump occupies the White House.

The question that must be asked is: who will destroy America quickly. Trump will wage wars abroad as well as destroy America at home. He is likely to initiate a race war that will tear the fabric of American society.

Hillary will also wage wars but pretend she is for the minorities at home. […] America is a deeply divided society along racial and ethnic lines. Obama’s election as president has not improved the lives of blacks; instead, they have become even less safe.

In the first six months of last year, 465 blacks were shot and killed by police. In the same period this year, 559 blacks have been shot and killed. Having a black president in the White House has made no difference to lives of ordinary blacks.

Thus, those that think that Hillary would be a lesser evil are fooling themselves. Both Trump and Hillary are extremely dangerous for America as well as the world. In fact, it cannot be ruled that regardless of who becomes president, they might even launch a nuclear war with catastrophic consequences for the whole world.

The world has just become a lot more dangerous place to live in. Be prepared to see a mushroom cloud in the sky near you!

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