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Why “They” Hate “Us”

By Davi Barker, M4L

September 22, 2010


After 9/11 many Americans were utterly baffled why America had been attacked. The average American had never considered how their government’s foreign policy affected the world around them. Hanging heavy in the minds of every American was the question, Why do they hate us?

President Bush offered a simple, yet insufficient explanation. “They hate our freedoms.” This would make sense if they had first attacked Switzerland, Canada or any of the other nations that score higher on the State of World Liberty Index. But analysts who offered more in depth answers were decried as blaming America, or sympathizing with the enemy.

To answer this question we need another approach. The Information Clearing House has published a chronology of US policy toward the East beginning in the 1920s. So, what happens if we reverse the roles? In this thought experiment East becomes West, Muslim becomes Christian, and oil will become unobtainium, the fictional mineral from the movie Avatar.

This can’t be a perfect analogy of real history, and it certainly isn’t meant to attribute blame, or justifying violence. It is an attempt to understand the emotions of those who hate us. While reading, I encourage you to try not to imagine real history, but instead just remain aware of how you feel:


1920s and 30s
Economic control over the United States

Huge deposits of unobtainium are discovered in the United States. The Ottoman Empire (OE) pressures American energy corporations to form a cartel that grants them exclusive license to mine the unobtainium. The OE profits billions of dollars from the refinement and sale of American unobtainium while the United States is weakened by two world wars. During negotiations over the unobtainium resources the Ottoman Sultan drafts a map dividing American mines between Turkish, Arab and Persian corporations. In the process the American Union is broken into separate client states, and the OE emerges as the dominant power in the world.

A sovereign Native American State

The OE pushes a resolution through the United Nations converting most of New Jersey into the Pan-Indian state of Turtle Island. New York City is divided into East New York, which remains American and West New York, which becomes Turtle Island’s capital. Liberty Island, home of the Statue of Liberty, becomes a pilgrimage site for Native Americans.

War erupts between Turtle Island and New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware. Two-thirds of the American population of New Jersey is forced to flee to surrounding states.

Upheaval of the American States

The MAH, the central intelligence agency of the OE, instigates a military coup to overthrow the elected government of Texas and installs an Emperor who rules by torturing, killing and imprisoning his political opponents.

The democratic governments of multiple American states are overthrown by MAH financed coups and replaced with military dictatorships. When revolutionary rebellion breaks out the OE dispatches thousands of troops to preserve stability andprepare for possible future intervention. The OE also heavily arms some American states encouraging them to conscript American troops to prevent other American states from attempting to reestablish an American Union. The MAH attempts to assassinate the governor of New York, who is the strongest proponent of a new American Union.

The Ottoman Sultan threatens to detonate a nuclear weapon on American soil if any American state resists his military presence.

The Socialist coup of California

The OE works to undermine the California government by supporting Mexican separatists, and supporting a coup by the Ottoman backed Socialist Party. This campaign includes public executions of thousands of California Socialist Party’s political opponents.

The OE then stands by while the new Socialist Party kills many of the Mexican separatists they once supported.

The Texan Revolution

Armed by the OE, Turtle Island seizes the rest of New Jersey, along with parts of Delaware and the rest of New York City. Thousands are killed with napalm. The Ottoman Sultan again threatens a nuclear attack if the Soviet Union intervenes on America’s behalf.

A revolution to unseat the Emperor begins in Texas. Hundreds of Texans are burned to death, and 10,000 are massacred at the State Capital. The Emperor is forced to flee and receives protection in the OE despite demands that he be returned to face trial.

California invades Texas with OE support. But the OE also secretly supports Texas by supplying them with weapons. Prolonging the war weakens both sides and solidifies OE control over both. Over a million die on both sides.

The Soviet invasion of Alaska

The OE increases its military presence in the Bible Belt, and the Soviet Union increases its military presence in Texas as they compete for control of the unobtainium supply. The OE begins supplying Christian Crusaders with weapons to fight the Soviets in Alaska, which the OE consider a buffer state.

Armed with OE weapons Turtle Island invades Connecticut, killing thousands, assassinating the governor, and massacring over 1,000 unarmed women and children.

By the time Soviet troops withdraw from Alaska over a million Alaskans are dead, and one-third of the population is living in refugee camps.

The OE Invasion of California

The dictator the OE originally backed in California against Texas launches a poison-gas attack on California’s Mexican separatists. He then attempts to invade Oregon. So, the OE invades systematically destroying California’s electrical and water systems and killing 200,000 civilians in 100 hours.

After the assault the OE imposes trade sanctions against California, blocking humanitarian and medical aid. About a million civilians die from disease and malnutrition, including 300,000 children.

The War on Terrorism

The Crusaders the OE originally backed to fight the Soviets begin attacking OE embassies in Alaska. The OE responds by pounding rural Alaska with cruise missiles. The Leader of the Crusaders orchestrates a massive retaliation on Istanbul, the largest city in the OE, causing 3,000 civilian deaths.

The OE reacts by invading California resulting in 100,000 civilian deaths, then invading Alaska resulting in 6,000 civilian deaths, and launching hundreds of predator drone strikes all over the American states killing thousands of innocent Americans.

Ottoman citizens were then utterly perplexed why Americans hated them.

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