Nov 03 2012

VICTORY!!!!!! …then what?

It’s almost election day, and you know what that means. Every Muslim is suddenly a full time political activist, but after the polls have closed, the ticker tape parades and celebrations are over….then what? What’s next for  you, what’s next for us?

Many of us will return to our lives, ignore the political scenes most of the time, and basically take a vacation from activism for two to four years…you know, til the next election. Well, I hate to break it you, but the enemies of the American muslim population, take no vacation, and we are in dire need of true full time activists.

I know there are many of you out there who worked before election day, and will continue to work long after. I feel honored to count quite a few  of them among my friends.  I am inspired by their dedication and vigilance. Though we may not all always agree on the solutions or avenues for curing the illness gripping the soul of America, we are willing to work together oward that common goal, and for the sake of Allah(sawt).

One such activist I have known for a number of years has mounted quite a successful campaign at targeting one of the anti Islam looniverse’s  golden boys in Congress. In a matter of about 72 hours he raised over $25,000, through social media,  for a last stretch push to unseat a GOP incumbent so looney even members of his own party endorsed his Democrat opponent over him. It looks as though “war is hell” Lt Col Allen West just might not be headed back to Washington this January, but what’s next?

No doubt, many of the sudden activists who have shared Bedier’s memes and campaign status updates, will go back to their lives. Ignoring the world around them, and concentrating on their degree or trying to find a spouse. They will redirect the time the purposely made for sign waving or going to candidate events, into Xbox 360 and basketball with the guys or an extra hijabi party with their friends. Some will discover a new found devotion to activism and fighting against the tide of insanity that is taking hold of our public discourse, but many if not most will go back to a life of complaining about or ignoring the problems facing our community rather than facing them. I don’t know what all the young and old, new freedom fighters will do on Nov 8th, but I do know, regardless, we haven’t seen the end of Allen West.

Having lost his election he will become the political equivalent to a martyr, exalted by his followers for his loss. Like a war criminal turned anti muslim messiah, his career is just beginning. After a few weeks of licking his wounds, he will return with a vengeance with books, tv spots, lecture events. I also would wager this is not his last attempt at political power. I predict a senate seat bid in 2014, possibly an attempt at the President(if Romney loses to Obama) in 2016. If you think something like losing a little election is going to be the end of Allen West, you are sadly mistaken.

This being said I want to commend the work on the ground being done to unseat him. We need to send a message as a country that targeting people based on their religion or race, though legal and protected, is not in keeping with our values as a moral and just society. The real question, however, is what’s next. Are we going to go back to sleep until 2014 or worse yet 2016? Are we going to allow the victories won in 2012 to pass away with our apathy? Or are we going to make the commitment today to take the time and devote a few hours a week, even a few hours a month, to assisting those out there fighting the good fight on behalf of all of us 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, every year…

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