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Mar 16 2019

Iran’s Currency Crisis Is an Opportunity

Source: http://blog.minaret.org/?p=19111 By: Dr. Imad ad-Dean Ahmad March 2019 Donald Trump’s withdrawal from JCPOA (“Iran Nuclear Deal”) poses many problems for everyone, including both the U.S. and Iran.  The biggest problems for Iran are the economic crisis threatened by the loss of foreign investment and the currency crisis threatened by denial of access to the dollar-denominated banking …

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Oct 08 2018

Gaza and the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Source: http://blog.minaret.org/?p=18654 By: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad May 2018 Nikki Haley has created a meme about the Israeli massacre of Palestinians demonstrating for the right to return to their homes at the Gaza border: “No country would act with more restraint than Israel,” she says with a straight face. Many countries would act with more restraint than Israel has, …

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Jul 19 2018

Squaring the SCOTUS Decision on the Muslim Ban with the Masterpiece Cakes Decision Is a Disturbing Exercise

Source: http://blog.minaret.org/?p=18935 By: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad June 2018 When confronted with many interesting and important questions about how to weigh religious freedom against the government’s place in fighting invidious discrimination in the Masterpiece Cakes case, the Supreme Court of the United States chose to sidestep all questions but one. They said they didn’t need to decide whether a …

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