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Secession: An American Desire for Liberty

Secede into Free and Independent States of America

Free and Independent States

By Davi Barker, M4L

July 4, 2012
Originally Posted on Silver Circle Underground

This article was read and commented on in a Free Talk Live podcast. Listen here:

FTL Podcast on Secession


Remember when July 4th was called “Independence Day”? It was around the same time people still called America “The Land of Free” which they only seem to say as sarcasm these days. On the day America declared their independence from Britain it’s hard not to think of the Rebels of 1776, but instead this Independence Day, I thought I’d focus on the secessionists of our day, who are far more brave than the Rebels of 1776 in my opinion. In the Revolutionary War they were fighting an Empire on the other side of an ocean, with roughly matched military technology, and significant tactical advantages. Today the Revolution, deemed by many the “Evolution” or the “Lovelution” is fighting an Empire that is bearing down right on top of them, with overwhelming military force, and their only advantage is the strength of their ideas. So, this Independence Day, I’m honored to declare Secessionists our Rebels of the Week.

The Declaration of Independence is not a legal document the way the Constitution is. It’s not even codified into law. It’s not a statement of what the new government will be, but a statement of what no government anywhere should be. In that sense, it’s not specific to America. It’s addressed “a candid world” and claims to be universal and self-evident. The Declaration of Independence is a guide to identify tyrannical government anywhere, not merely unconstitutional government here, and declares, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

Many believe that time is now, but are terrified to speak openly of secession because of the legacy left by Abraham Lincoln. But what if we weren’t talking about a confederacy of states attempting to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with the Union. What if instead we speak of abolition of the Federal government all together. An amicable divorce between states with irreconcilable differences. Perhaps a long and difficult legal battle over custody and assets, but no bloodshed, no civil war. What if there was no Union to fight?

I have this fantasy. See I think that the whole concept of America was that states were independent and free to experiment with different systems of governance to see what worked best. Then this small, practically insignificant federal government, with incredibly limited enumerated powers would kind of keep the peace between states. After all, this whole liberty  thing was kind of new at the time, and people weren’t totally sure it was a good idea. So they wanted a kind of kill switch in place in case it got out of control.

Well… as it turns out it’s the federal government that got out of control. Didn’t see that coming. Apparently, people are so concerned with controlling the lives of people they hardly know that they all want the federal government to do things it wasn’t authorized to do. So it grows and grows and grows until all that liberty stuff is gone and the whole thing teeters on the verge of economic collapse while going around the world to look for new people’s lives to control.

I’m of the opinion that New Hampshire solved the laboratory of democracy riddle a long time ago. The smallest government with the lowest taxes is ranked 1st in quality of life, 1st for child well-being and has the lowest poverty rate in the Union. Seems clear enough.

So, If the results of the laboratory experiment aren’t painfully obvious, let’s shake the beakers. Face it, the ideological differences between liberals and conservatives are irreconcilable, and it’s unconscionable to subject one to the bad ideas of the other against their will. Public debate is getting us nowhere because both sides are buried in their own propaganda. We need to actually see the tangible results of unfettered liberalism and unfettered conservatism. So, next presidential election, let both candidates win. Let Romney run the red states and Obama run the blue states. Split the congress. And if Ron Paul wins any states, let him run them too. There’s more than enough “representatives” to go around. Let the liberals try to create their socialist welfare utopia without the republican dime and see what happens. Let the republicans build their corporatist warfare empire without the democrat dime and see where it gets them.

Oh, but I think we can do better. Let’s let all the secessionists have their states too. Let the Libertarians run an Independent Alaska. Let the Green Party run the Vermont Republic. The Lone Star State never really wanted to be part of the Union anyway. But let’s get really crazy. Give Hawaii their Kingdom back. Let the Lokota Nation have their independence. Let the Black Panthers have a piece of Louisiana for their Republic of New Afrika. Don’t forget the Conch Republic in Key West. And while we’re at it, let’s let the Voluntaryists have New Hampshire. After all, what’s an experiment without a control group?

What’s the worst that could happen? After four years, we’ll take score. See how everyone did. Then we’ll know. We can finally stop arguing hypotheticals and theory and start working with some real observable consequences.

I’m sure some of you are pretty excited by this idea. Some of you may even be part of these secession movements and you cheer the notion of a little Independence from the federal government. Some, if not most of you, are pretty pissed off at me right now. You’re ready to scream that I’m unpatriotic, a bad American, a terrorist, a traitor. For what? Secession is a very American thing if you think about it. Don’t forget, this experiment started with an act secession and they fought a revolution over it. I don’t want a bloody revolution. I just want a little freedom. Please… can I have just a little more freedom?

I didn’t invent all these secession movements. Virtually every state has some group that wants out. America is full of unpatriotic bad Americans. Do you really want them in your Union?
Think of it like this. Let’s pretend this fantasy of mine actually happened. If you’re a liberal, imagine if you could have all your free health care, environmentalist, peacenik dreams come true without the republican representatives gumming up the gears of progress. And if you’re a conservative, imagine if you could pass all pro life, pro gun, anti immigrant, anti tax legislation you wanted without the liberal representatives grid locking the system. Not only would you both get to see all your great ideas actually realized, but be honest. Won’t you feel just a little vindicated to see the other guy fail?

After four years of that, do you really think everyone will be anxious to sign back up with the federal government? I don’t think so. If not, what’s holding this house of cards together right now? Is it just some weird obsession with eagles and flags and patriotic songs? Do you just like the shape of the map? Why are we holding these people in the Union against their will? When did the constitution become a suicide pact? If it is something more that holds us together, like all that liberty stuff, isn’t it a little hypocritical to deny all these secession movements their own little experiment in independence?



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