Jan 31 2012

Ron Paul, the anti-war candidate

How can  a vote for Ron Paul be your voice against the Afghanistan War?
A Message to Muslim Americans.

By Ramy Osman
January 2012


        The current American political climate has embraced the concept of a perpetual war against an exaggerated terrorist threat. But many Americans, including military personnel, are tired of America’s wars. They are frustrated with how the wars have drained our country’s resources and how it has strained our economy. Realizing that the “war on terror” has done more harm than good, people have rallied to support the anti-war candidate Ron Paul, thus making him the most popular anti-war candidate in recent history.

            Currently, all 2012 presidential candidates (including President Obama), except one candidate, support every aspect of the war on terror. They all, except one, support the Afghanistan war, government sanctioned assassination of US citizens in Yemen, endless foreign military interventions,  indefinite detention of US citizens, and other critical issues.

             The only candidate to oppose all of these types of measures is Congressman Ron Paul. A medical doctor by profession, he has been a Texas congressman for over 20 years. He was a member of the Libertarian party who then switched to the Republican party to gain access to the GOP presidential debates. He disagrees with the “two-party” system which are both highly influenced by rich lobbyists and corporate backers.  His voting record on foreign policy and homeland security is contrary to the typical republican and democrat. He voted NO to the following legislations and resolutions in the US House of Representatives (at times being the only NO vote):

–        Homeland Security Department Appropriations Act 2011   (231 YES – 188 NO)

–          Patriot Act Extension 2011           (250 YES – 153 NO)

–          Homeland Security Department Appropriations Act 2009   (307 YES – 114 NO)

–          Defense Authorization Bill 2008    (369 YES – 46 NO)

–          Foreign Operations and Finance Appropriation Act 2006    (373 YES – 34 NO)

–          Homeland Security Department Appropriations Act 2006   (424 YES – 1 NO)

–          Global War on Terror 2006           (256 YES – 153 NO)

–          Homeland Security Department Appropriations Act 2004   (425 YES – 2 NO)

–          Use of Military Force Against Iraq 2002 (296 YES – 133 NO)

–          USA Patriot Act 2001                  (357 YES – 66 NO)

–          Anti Terrorism Act 2001             (337 YES – 79 NO)

–          Iran and Libya Sanctions 2001     (409 YES – 6 NO)

                        (source: www.votesmart.org )


The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said that by simply removing something harmful from the road, it is considered an act of charity. How about if you were able to remove an oppressive war machine from an invaded country? If you can’t cause its removal, you can at least voice your opposition to the war. Speaking out is also a part of faith, as stated by the prophet (pbuh). And by voting for Ron Paul you are doing exactly that.  

Our highest priority in this election should be putting an end to our US military occupying and attacking foreign countries. Our position is that the US government should end the wars and its blatant disregard for international treaties.  To us, this topic is more important than our financial well-being, and more important than other issues discussed in the presidential debates.  Ending the fitna (tribulation) of our country invading and imposing its will on another country is something that all Muslims pray for, but never know what to do about it.

          Muslims in America finally have a chance to voice their anti-war stance by voting for Ron Paul.  Not because we agree with every one of Ron Paul’s position. But because he is one of the few politicians who have the courage to voice their opposition to the federal reserve, the banking system, military and intelligence over-reach, and other things which challenge the status quo, all on the floor of the US Congress.  He is not a man of rhetoric (as Obama has turned out to be). But rather, he has a 20 year voting record in the US House of Representatives that is consistent with the views he has been presenting in his current presidential campaign.
Ron Paul is not the solution to everything. Muslims have a long way to go in developing our own American political identity.  But we have to learn to prioritize our political needs and requests. Our priority now must be ending the wars. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has already voted against the wars, foreign aid to all countries, and the wall-street bailouts. These are issues that we can rally around. We should not make our disagreements more important than supporting an anti-war candidate.

Muslims should realize that when they vote they are simply voicing their opinion. If we believe that it is a part of faith to speak out against wrongs and injustices, then voting is doing just that. Our votes should be a reflection of our Islamic teachings and principles. And we can take a lesson from Ron Paul by voting based on principle even when 99% of the people are voting against you. Our votes are never “wasted” when we vote on principle; Even if the cause or candidate doesn’t win. 

        This election year is a unique opportunity for Muslims to finally place their vote with someone who has a track record they can support. It is also an opportunity for Muslims to explore libertarian concepts, and how these concepts can help us build a voice for our community that is true to our identity and beneficial for American society.  If we can mobilize our millions of registered voters to vote for Ron Paul we can finally contribute to a shake-up in our country’s political system. America is long overdue for this. Muslims should be at the forefront of supporting people who are genuinely concerned about the prevalent domestic injustices and the international warmongering that our country has drowned in. Don’t compromise your vote.

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