Our Mission

The Muslims for Liberty (M4L) mission is to explore and educate others about the concepts of freedom and liberty from an Islamic perspective.

M4L attempts to harmonize the Western concepts of classical liberalism (also known as “libertarianism”) and freedom, with the authentic teachings of Islam (rooted in scripture and the prophetic example). We explore the striking parallels between Islam and libertarianism, while keeping God at the center of individual initiative.

By focusing on the prophetic methodology of mercy (rahma), we can demonstrate that ideas of liberty, tolerance, and justice are not exclusively Western ideas. Rather, these ideas are inherent to the Islamic tradition and law (Shariah), which are over 1400 years old, and thus predate classical liberalism by a millennium.

M4L is committed to engage and dialogue with those who misunderstand or who spread misinformation about Islam and Muslims. We also work to educate others and address misconceptions about libertarian and anarchist thought, and about the liberty movement in general.

See the ABOUT US Page for more information about M4L and its personnel.