Sep 22 2014

Oklahoma Republicans call out their own…..CAIR ignores it.

By Will Coley

In the last few weeks some pretty crazy things have come from higher ups in the OK GOP. In particular comments made by OK GOP State Rep,John Bennet. Referring to Islam in America as, ‘a cancer that should be cut out’.

Now this is nothing new to nativist rhetoric, rabid nationalists and racists have been referring to immigrant groups in such a fashion for decades. From the anti Chinese Leagues, to anti Irish catholic, and anti Hispanic voices we have heard the fear filled call of disease infested foreign hordes here to “take over”, and “change our way of life”.

True to form, like a Fox News host demanding Muslims across the US condemn terrorism, CAIR *national* immediately began beating the drum for Republicans, particularly those in OK to condemn and repudiate these inciteful and ludicrous statements……

……and just like a Fox News host demanding Muslims condemn terrorism, they summarily ignored the members of the OK GOP who did just that.

So to be sure that someone, somewhere, who is Muslim, acknowledges them, promotes them, and THANKS them. We are publishing 2 such letters of condemnation here. It is important to not only call out the loons when they say lunatic things, but also to THANK, ACKNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT, or otherwise ACT LIKE THEY EXIST, when members of their own party call them out for what they are. Bigots.

Perhaps major national Muslim groups will take note, and follow our example, and stop hiding these sorts of things from the community, in an effort to keep us paralyzed with fear….to keep the donations rolling in.


Letters Below:

Chairman Weston,

I feel compelled to write to you from under the many hats I find myself wearing in today’s political landscape. Each perspective offers me a different way to consider your recent defense of Oklahoma House member John Bennet’s disturbing remarks concerning American Muslims and all leave me feeling embarrassed and alarmed.

As an active member of the Oklahoma Republican Party, I am dismayed that you as our chief representation to those outside the party would defend the Islamophobic remarks of anyone, much less an elected official bearing our brand. We as members of the party, should be vigilant in the calling out of all persons who seek to deny the rights of liberty and justice to entire categories of people, but as important as this is in our dealings and messaging with society at large, how much more so inside the party’s own business and direct sphere of influence? If we don’t react with integrity to ignorance and bigotry within our own ranks, then we lose the kind of moral high ground that would make us the more trustworthy choice when deciding who should be in positions of power over others.

As an American, I am incensed that you would perpetuate hateful ideas against peaceful people living side by side with me in this the “land of the free.” Cliche as that phrase is, it’s an ideal that should be cherished and defended. Given the history of our great nation, your flagrant hostility to citizens based solely on their religious preference is quite frankly perplexing and as un-American as I can imagine.

As a lover of liberty, I object to the idea of grouping and classifying individuals for the purpose of making judgments on them based on that categorization. No one will argue that evil has been and is being done in the name of Islam, but to take the actions of disturbed fanatics and use it to condemn all Muslims is beyond unjust, it’s unthinkably irresponsible. It is also the height of hypocrisy or at the very least an obvious short sightedness on the part of any religious person given that horrible things have been done in the name of them all. Evil should be looked for and is to be found within the individual. The world is full of those looking to do their own will in the name of “something.” History bears up just how dangerous it is to lose sight of this.

All of the above hats are secondary to the one I wear as a human being trying to live in peace with others on this planet. Violence whether it be on a local scale or a global one is perpetuated through the concepts embodied in words like “us” and “them.” In the name of peace, I ask you to rethink and retract your recent statements using these objectifying words. Seize the opportunity to promote the better side of all of us by denouncing the ugliness of fear based propaganda.

Tina Kelly
Chairman Precinct #32
OK County Executive Committee Member



Chairman Weston,

It was with great dismay, though unfortunately not surprise, that I came across your horrifyingly ignorant comments about Muslim Americans today. I’m writing to express my belief, as a Republican activist in Oklahoma, that such bigotry has no place in Republican Party and is totally unbecoming someone of your position. Do you honestly believe that ISIL militants are representative of Muslims as a whole, in America and around the world? Dare I even ask for an answer to that question from you? Do Anders Breivik and Westboro Baptist Church represent Christianity in your mind as well?

The OKGOP’s incessant hatemongering toward Muslims is a perfect example of why the GOP is hemorrhaging supporters, especially among young Americans for whom discrimination against people based on their race, religion, gender identity, nationality, etc. are logical and moral non-starters. I defy you to support your contention that the average Muslim, in America or anywhere else, desires to do me harm simply because of my faith or its lack. I defy you to explain from where you derive the legitimacy to condemn 1.6 billion people in this world simply because they adhere to a faith you don’t like. Most of all, I defy you to explain to me what tens of thousands of Oklahoma Muslims (or anyone with a modicum of respect for human decency) are supposed to think of a Republican Party that shows them nothing but hatred and ignorance.

This, of course, is not the OKGOP’s first foray into this issue. In 2010, the GOP led a brazenly unconstitutional effort to strip Muslim Oklahomans of their contract and probate rights under the guise of a ban on “sharia law,” without the slightest understanding of what sharia is or what the legal implications of their misguided, discriminatory effort actually were. This is also a state party whose National Committeewoman, Carolyn McClarty, infamously joked about luring Muslim civilians into Israeli minefields when recounting her trip to Israel at a Republican meeting. Hilarious.

That the Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party can’t even be counted on to refrain from doubling down on such hateful and anti-liberty rhetoric, let alone to speak out against it as a decent American and human being, is immensely troubling to me.

The sole silver lining here is that once again the Oklahoma Republican Party has demonstrated to the entire nation why it must change, why its refusal to choose liberty over hatred and violence is destined to fail, and why Americans are forced to suffer under year after year of Democrat rule simply because the GOP is too busy glorying in its hateful ignorance to stand for anything approaching a principle of limited government or individual liberty.

As one of the more politically active under-30 Republicans in this state, I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past several years begging people to believe that the GOP stands for something more than idiocy and bigotry. When the State Chairman opens his mouth to spew such vileness, it becomes an impossible argument for us to make, Mr. Weston. I hope you understand that.

Please stop doing these nasty things, do right by those you’ve slandered, and begin working for liberty in the time you and those like you have left to rule.

Absolutely sincerely,

Adam Bates
Precinct 035

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