Oct 24 2014

OK Liberty Candidate Teaches Muslims the Proper Way to Make a Point. **UPDATED**


Dax Ewbank

By Will Coley
October 2014

Many times in life we’re given choices,chances to define who we are as individuals, what we’ll stand for, and what we won’t. We all hope that when put into that position, that we’ll have the courage, and dedication to conviction and principle, to put those before “going along”.

Unfortunately too many times, those who wish to be seen as “leaders” and “representatives” of our religious community sell those principles for a paltry sum, preferring acceptance or status, to standing by the lofty convictions we all claim to have.

We’re often too happy to support,excuse, and pull levers for murderers, liars and thieves, in the name of being accepted, or simply belonging to a group. However there are also those times when individuals restore our faith in humanity itself, when they put personal gain or status where it belongs…firmly in the back seat behind principle and conviction.

Dax Ewbank, ran for the republican nomination for Governor of Oklahoma, as what some might define as a “Liberty Republican”. His no nonsense approach to issues has won him many fans, and much admiration in liberty circles in his state. This year for his many efforts he was nominated for a “Defenders of Liberty Award”, given by Liberty on Tap, and the Tulsa 921 Project, along with other sponsors.

Because associated sponsors either worked with, or they themselves, expressed anti muslim attitudes, and a willingness to spread anti islam propaganda, Mr Ewbank declined his nomination. Now these people aren’t personally signing the orders to kill muslims, and Mr Ewbank ISN’T muslim. So how is it that this member of the GOP, can reject opportunities to advance his prestige, and career, while Muslims aren’t willing to rescind a dinner invitation from someone actually involved in killing our brothers and sisters?

If you want to be heard and taken seriously…..then stop playing along. Take a note from Mr Ewbank, and stand for what you believe in, rather than sitting and allowing yourself to be insulted….because, in the end, it does no good for Mr Ewbanks to stand up to his own for us……if we aren’t willing to stand up for ourselves.

Enjoy the letter.

My open letter to the Tulsa 912 Project and Liberty on Tap on my nomination for a “Defenders of Liberty” award:
By Dax Ewbank

Thank you for the invitation to your Defenders of Liberty event and I am honored to have been nominated. Unfortunately I must decline the nomination and the invitation.

I realize that many who will be in attendance at the event supported my campaign for Governor as I ran it on a platform of Liberty and we were able to spread the message of liberty throughout the state. I believe our campaign was also very helpful in forcing the governor’s hand in ending Common Core in our state. I say this of course without taking away any of the much greater effort put in by so many who championed the issue of Common Core in our state. The campaign for governor and those actions dovetailed nicely together in order to cause the desired response at the Capitol. These were great activities and achievements and I believe we progressed liberty through our work together.

Unfortunately I believe there to be a significant schism amongst us, as to the definition of Liberty.

I do not find this schism to be an insignificant thing. Some notable voices in the organizations sponsoring this award have recently made statements and defended actions with regard to American Muslims that I cannot support. Recent events have brought to the surface an ugly misrepresentation of not only the Muslim community, but also those who choose to accept them without suspicion. Because these statements have been made by organizers, leaders, and other nominees of this award, I am choosing to distance myself from it, as I do not want to be nominated for or receive a “Defenders of Liberty” award that promotes what I see to be a distorted and incomplete and possibly even bigoted definition of Liberty.
I realize that my refusal to participate may be seen as offensive to some, and honestly I regret that I will not be able to spend the evening with many others who will be in attendance that I consider friends.

I also realize that this action on my part may hinder our ability in the future to work together on issues, as it may be taken as an insult and affect our personal relationships. I know that many will call me close minded with regard to my strict definition of Liberty, some may even claim that I am trying to force my idea of liberty upon them. However that is not the case.

With all of these things in mind, I am choosing not to participate because I do believe that the basic principles of Liberty are at least this important. I hope that as we progress the idea of liberty, it will expand beyond the comfortable confines of our own cultural norms, and that many more will wake up to the world that can be opened up to them when we begin to relate to each other peacefully, and without malevolent suspicion born of stereotypes and propaganda. As a follower of Christ I long for these opportunities. I know that when I have an opportunity to interact with others with respect, in peace, and in a genuine search for understanding, Christ’s love shines through in amazing ways. Unfortunately, I see His light hindered by the fear filled propaganda that has become uncomfortably common even amongst those who claim to be Christian and to support Freedom.

I congratulate the other nominees for this award, and the winners, and in no way would I assume to project any of the reservations that I have about participating upon you. I am acting out of my own conscience, based on specific actions or statements made toward me, my friends, and in contrary to my own philosophy of Liberty. I realize there are other ways to look at these issues, and other ways to approach this award, and while I have chosen not to participate, I have chosen to assume that any other person’s participation not specifically maligned by word or by deed is authentic and deserving of praise.

If I have offended anyone in this, please forgive me, and I ask that you simply consider my point of view and respect my decision not to participate. I hope you have a wonderful evening, but I also hope that my expression of my choice not to participate will also cause some to reflect.




The ceremony for the Defender of Liberty Award is this evening, Saturday Oct 25th. Another nominee writer Steve Long of Red Dirt, and host of Liberty Unfiltered, has rescinded his nomination for the award, citing the same anti muslim animus, as his reason for denying his nomination.

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