M4L Events

Thursday, March 21, @ 7:00PM

M4L Director William Coley is the guest speaker to the Libertarian Party of Tri-Cities monthly meeting.

Topic: Islam & Libertarianism

Location: Logan’s Roadhouse, Johnson City, TN

Tuesday, February 26, @ 6:30 PM EST

Loudoun County Public School Board meeting

Location: 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148

Topic: Virginia Muslims4Liberty will be attending the Public School Board meeting in support of charter school applicant LMITA , and to oppose the anti-Muslim statements of Frank Gaffney and others who have used the school board meeting to spread their Islamophobia.
Our Message: We support school choice and there is a need for technical schools. We respect the objectivity of the school board and whatever decision they make. We oppose those who use the public hearings to conduct a religious smear campaign.
Etiquette: Be polite. The board has always been respectful to the applicants.

Wednesday, January 9, @ 1PM MST

M4L national director William Coley will be interviewed on the Mental Self Defense Radio Show hosted by Jake Shannon

Friday, January 4, 2013
M4L national director William Coley joined Alex Snitker and Adrian Wyllie on the Liberty Underground Radio Show on the 1787 Radio Network. Coley interview begins at minute #12
Topic: Will talks about his experience with some Tennessee Tea Party groups and discusses misconceptions about Shariah (Islamic law).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
M4L Assistant Director Davi Barker was interviewed on Porc Therapy Talk Show hosted by Stephanie Murphy
Topic: Davi talks about transtitioning to self employment, why he calls himself the Muslim Agorist. , and a number of his side projects.

Tuesday, Dec 11 ,2012  @ 7:00PM
M4L NE Director Hesham El Meligy gave a speech at the Manhattan Libertarian Party Monthly Meeting.
Topic: Islam & Libertarianism
Location: Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 2nd Ave., NY, NY

Monday, Nov 19 , 2012  @ 8PM
M4L Director Will Coley was interviewed on Anarchist Gumbo Podcast
Topic: Will Coley responded to Fox News analyst Jack Burkman’s challenge that he will debate anyone, and defend his thesis that “all Muslims are savages”.

Thursday, Nov 1
M4L Director Will Coley was interviewed on BadQuaker Podcast
Topic: Bad Quaker vs Bad Muslim

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