Nov 11 2016

Libertarian Party National Vice Chairman Encourages Fellow Libertarians to Protect Muslim Americans

arvin-vohra-lp-vice-chairBy Will Coley
November 2016

This afternoon, Libertarian Party national Vice Chairman, Arvin Vohra, took to facebook to encourage fellow libertarians to protect their Muslim neighbors, through force of arms if need be.

If Donald J. Trump requires Muslims to register (like pre-holocaust German Jews), will you stand with them against that kind of tyranny?

Through what method? Will you bake them cookies to make them feel better that their human rights have been violated? Will you post comical images of Trump on Facebook?

What if Trump determines that they need to be in internment camps? Will you promise to think about them every single day?

I’ll tell you what I’ll do: fight that violation of human rights. With weapons.

The Second Amendment expresses our natural right to protect ourselves against tyranny. It’s designed to prevent government violation of natural rights. It is the final check on government power.

For it to work, it requires that decent citizens be able buy weapons with the same, or greater, firepower as those of the would-be abusers of power. It requires that decent citizens be able to buy those weapons quickly and simply.

Q: But the government has so many weapons, how could we ever defeat them with rifles?

A: The U.S. military has been routinely embarassed by opponents with much less firepower. Vietnam and Afghanistan are the two most famous examples.

The types of weapons that would be used for a Muslim or Gay roundup would be pretty ordinary. There wouldn’t be aircraft carriers going door to door, or fighter jets trying to land in people’s living rooms. It would be regular guns. The kind we can defeat with regular guns.

Guns also allow people to protect themselves from non-government tyranny. Do you think racist bullies would be so quick to pick on people of color or those with different sexual preferences or gender identities, if we were all armed?

We don’t need automatic weapons to obliterate deer. We need them to defend our fellow citizens from government.

In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

When I contacted him this evening, and inquired about his motivation behind such a statement. He responded;

” I wanted to remind people that there are those of us who will stand with our fellows no matter what.”

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