Sep 11 2016

It’s 9-11 Again

It’s 9-11 Again

by Ramy Osman

I can’t escape from the numbers 9-11
Appearing in places like an uncanny obsession
Many times it’s just a matter of when
That it’ll be 9-11 again

It could happen during the morning routine
Or in the evening, where it would feel like a dream

I glance at the clock no matter where I am
It’s 9-11 again

I’m on a schedule going places
Bus stop, train stop, airplane bases
Arrival time, departure time, it’s strange
It’s 9-11 again

I got out at terminal 9 gate 11
Rented a car at my own discretion
The license plate and mileage confirm the trend
It’s 9-11 again

The address with the Porsche matched its model
Posted a pic whose file size will boggle
I need to tell someone, message sent
It’s 9-11 again

The month and day that the baby was born
Is the same as it’s weight, I was informed
So I turn and whispered to my friend
It’s 9-11 again

The game ended, and what was the score?
The same as the price that I saw in the store
It surrounds the number 10
It’s 9-11 again

Am I losing my mind or is there something else?
I can’t avoid it, I can’t help myself
It’s a number that will never end
It’s 9-11 again

A knock on my door from Agent Foder and company
Labeling my behavior as suspicious activity
They suffer from it too, they always pretend
It’s 9-11 again

Impatient reactions, people can’t wait
Created a police and surveillance state
Now there’s talk to upend
It’s 9-11 again

Conspiracy or cover up done in stages
Nothing new in the missing pages
But other secrets will offend
It’s 9-11 again

Vengeance, Murder, carpet bombing
Drones in the sky with bombs they’re dropping
On families who can’t defend
It’s 9-11 again

Suicide vests on brainless soldiers
Spreading havoc over and over
To them, it’s sweet revenge
It’s 9-11 again

Violence, killings, immoral order
Dungeons, prisons, gruesome torture
People’s morals will always descend, when
It’s 9-11 again

Continuous war is not the solution
Screaming in protests is just a delusion
Please stop saying ‘Never again ‘, because
It’s 9-11 again

The cycle of violence happened before 9-11
The cycle of violence continues after 9-11
All at the hands of men
It’s 9-11 again
It’s 9-11 again



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