Islam and Liberty


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Islam is a way of life taught by the final prophet, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), based upon the words of God revealed in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the last and final testament of God. A follower of Islam is called a Muslim. To be a Muslim, one professes their belief in One God, and commits to a life of worship, reflection and good deeds which benefit society.
To pursue a life of Islam is to strive to be in submission to the will of God. This means worshiping Him, and standing for truth (as defined by God) even if it means going against yourself (i.e. ego), or the rest of society. Muslims strive to follow the examples of the prophets, which are rooted in peace, knowledge and wisdom.


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Liberty is a concept that defines the limits of each person’s free will as it relates to the free will of others. The philosophy of liberty promotes a social balance that maximizes an individuals freedoms, and minimizes the use of force and coercion which would otherwise cause those freedoms to be restricted. To have liberty is to ensure that people are free from being oppressed by governments or by other people.
To pursue liberty is to assert one’s freedom while taking responsibility for one’s social surroundings. This means that a person can follow their free will as long as they honor their social obligations and do not infringe on the rights and free will of others.



Explore the following to gain insights into the relationship between Islam and Liberty.


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Islam and Liberty: A Comparative Analysis

M4L Director William Coley presents a comparative analysis between “The Natural Rights of Man” and “Objectives of Islamic law”.

Is Libertarianism Compatible with Islam?

M4L Asst Director Davi Barker, explores how the non-aggression principle relates to Islam.

Review: Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

M4L Asst Director Davi Barker, provides a unique analysis on Dr Ahmad’s book, and on the role that liberty and freedom have played in Islamic history.

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Minaret of Freedom Institute

MFI Director, Dr. Imad Ad-Dean Ahmad

Islam and Libertarianism are a Good Fit

Palestinian American scholar Imad ad-Dean Ahmad explains that there is harmony between libertarian politics and the teachings of Islam.

On Natural Law and Shariah

Explores the philosophical roots of liberty in Western and Islamic thought. Defines a debate between advocates of man-made-law (i.e. majority rule) and divine-law (i.e. Shariah).

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

The concepts of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” have evolved differently in Western and Muslim societies. The concepts are also commonly misunderstood by both societies.

Islam and Markets

Islam came to reaffirm the historical role of trade and private property in society.




VIDEOS About Islam & Liberty


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M4L: Is Libertarianism Compatible With Islam?

Mises Institute: A Muslim Case for Liberty

Religion and State

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Islam and Liberty

Muhammad the Libertarian?

Islam and Freedom

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C4L: Islam and Liberty

Islam and Liberal Democracy

Fair Trade and Commerce in Islam





Other Content Showing the Islamic Heritage of Liberty and Freedom

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The Islamic Case for Religious Liberty

From FIRST THINGS Journal:   Australian Academic/Professional Abdullah Saeed suggests that a close reading of the Qur’an and of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) leads to supporting religious tolerance and individual liberty.


Turkish Journalist Says Islam Craves Liberty

From VOICE OF AMERICA:  Turkish journalist/author Mustafa Akyol challenges the practice of “enforced piety” in his new book, “Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty.”


Book Review: Islam & the Discovery of Freedom

By RUQAYYA WARIS MAQSOOD: Provides a brief summary of the book. She applauds the authors insights and attempts to point out some misconceptions that she believes are reflected in the book.


VIDEO: The Preservation of Life & Religion According to Islam

YASIR QADI, JASSER AUDA, and TARIQ RAMADAN: Each scholars gives a presentation about the Islamic implications of preservation of life and religion.

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Islam’s Free Market Heritage

From INSTITUTE of PUBLIC AFFAIRS – REVIEW: Chris Berg and Andrew Kemp explore how the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Muslim scholars such as Ibn Khaldun promoted concepts of liberty and free market by encouraging entrepreneurship, charity, and good-will.


Islam and Free Market Economy: Incompatibility or Deviation?

From ISTANBUL NETWORK for LIBERTY: Dr. Hesham El Moussaoui first explains how Islam promotes free markets, and then argues that no modern Muslim country has a real free market economy.


The Idea of Free Markets in Early Islam

By SULEYMAN DOST: Traces early scholars (like Abu Hanifa, Al Mawardi, and Ibn Khaldun) and their comments about the role of free markets in Islamic societies.


VIDEO: Islam Promotes the Free Market

ROGER EDDE, Chairman of Lebenese Peace Party (Hizb Assalam ) : Argues that Islamic teachings give people free reign to enterprise. He gives a practical example of Lebanon after the collapse of its government. Islam teaches its followers to be moral, thus obviating the need for overbearing government regulations.