Dec 12 2014

I Don’t Hate Muslims, Just Islam


By Will Coley

“I don’t hate Muslims, just Islam”. It’s a familiar trope heard on radio, and seen often in social media. The bigot’s defense of their hatred, thinly veiled as disdain for ideology, rather than people.

Growing up in the south east, i heard similar tropes from local racists growing up. “I don’t ‘hate’ black people, I just don’t like niggers”, or ” I got no problem with Mexicans, it’s those wetback border jumpers I don’t like”, and of course they all “have black/mexican friends”.

Unfortunately, the American Muslim community has a new disgusting version of this familiar trope to contend with.

Muslims can not even bury their dead, and grieve in peace in their times of loss.

This week a middle tennessee police officer pulled over a car for a tag violation. The man freely admitted that there was the body of a dead child in the trunk. A child his wife had miscarried, that had been prepared for burial. In respect for the grieving family, and burial traditions the officer sent the family on their way. They had all the proper permits for transporting the body for burial….why wouldn’t he?

Because he was Muslim of course!!!

This benign traffic stop has resulted in a national, visceral reaction from the anti muslim looniverse. What type of hatred and disrespect would compel you to make a time of grief for a family into a national opportunity to push a political agenda? What type of person demands that the body of a man be exhumed, so that you can personally inspect it, while his children grieve over his death? What the hell has happened to Middle Tennessee?

This is THREE time now that Middle Tennessee’s branch of the anti muslim looniverse has disrespected the dead, and attempted to interfere in the grieving of families in the name of their bigotry. They demanded the body of a man who lived in Murfreesboro for 25 years, be exhumed so that they could personally inspect it, while his children still grieved over a grave with loose dirt. Spent thousands of tax payer dollars on a lawsuit attempting to prevent Muslims from having their own graveyard, and now this. Attampting to foment national fear and outrage, while a mother and father attempt to grieve over tragedy of a miscarriage.

Shame on the Rick Womick, Bill Ketron, Judd Mattheny wing of the Tennessee GOP, your hatred and disrespect, even for the dead, is both sickening, and unfortunately expected.


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  1. Salahuddeen

    on the contrary, I find it an honorable statement for the kaafir to make – “I don’t hate Muslims, just Islam.”

    Likewise, we who follow the Aqeedah-E-Haqq of the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jumat (as codified 1200 years ago by Imam Ashaari in response to an extremist radical sect very similar to modern-day salafis) also will say in a heartbeat and with no apologies “we don’t hate kaafirs, just kufr”

    my friends

    We can all agree that in today’s brave new world what matters more and more is the definitions of the words we use. Many words such as terrorism and what not can mean just about anything . And until humanity gets together to agree on some definitions AS A PRE-REQUISITE for ANY dialogue, progress shan’t be had. Because as we are now discovering , often times the HAQQ Hurts. And , at the end of the day, there can only be one correct answer, or definition , for any given question or word. And what happens when the entire “civilized” “enlightened” world wakes up to the reality that “our” heritage and Western roots owe their success to NOTHING godly or good or divine ? Instead “we” draw our power from a continuous line of conspiracy and colonialism .

    Anyway, the main point I which to dispatch into the heart of whoever reads this is simply that just because the “enlightened west” teaches (from freemasonoc origins dogma ) to be “tolerant” of all views and views bigotry as bad, doesn’t mean it is true . It is true that in Islam there is no compulsion in religion . No one can be forced to believe. However , be warned that when you start respecting kufr and admiring it and tolerating it, the results can be spiritually disastrous and almost always end up in outright kufr. One of the many things that makes Islam so beautiful is that Islam exists today in its pristine form as it existed even at the time of the beloved Prophet salalahualayheewasalam, and it claims to be the one and only true religion and complete way of life , and it makes no apologies for that.

    1. Phillip Slepian

      Salahuddeen – Thanks for your thoughtful post. As a proud non-Muslim, I certainly respect your right to your own religious beliefs. Just keep in mind that in the U.S., your rights are limited to legal, friendly persuassion against kufr. Stepping over that fine line into the realm of using force to spread your beliefs is not something that will be well received in the U.S. Likewise for abuse of our freedoms. Americans have no duty to tolerate the intolerant.

      1. ramy

        Nice to see we’re on the same page Phil.. metaphorically and literally 🙂

    2. ramy

      Thanks Salahuddeen
      To address your “main point”, When you say that the West teaches tolerating other views and teaches that bigotry is bad, then do you think there’s a problem with that? Actually that’s something Muslims really need to work on, especially among ourselves.
      Keep in mind that tolerating different views does not mean that you agree or accept the different views. You nailed it when you quoted the Quran saying “There is no compulsion in religion”. Your “views” are essentially your deen (translated here as “religion”). And you cannot use force or compulsion to impose your “views” on others. That’s called tolerance.
      When it comes to matters of kufr, we don’t admire it. But we have no choice but to tolerate it because God Himself said “there is no compulsion in religion”. You can speak out against kufr, but you have to do so with “wisdom and beautiful teaching” (also quoted from the Quran) – Which is also a demonstration of tolerance

  2. Phillip Slepian

    Will is conflating a few different issues in this piece. Starting with the last issue, it seems that some of the local authorities could be harassing some of the local Muslim residents. If so, I suggest those who feel harassed seek redress in the courts. The second issue, working backwards, is the “anti-Muslim looniverse”. What this is I can only guess, but I assume that for Will, this is anyone who dares to suggest that Islam, and certain followers of Islam, do not represent the pinnacle of diversity, tolerance, liberty and democracy. Suffice it to say that this is the first I have read about any law-abiding (except for the tag violation – for which the police can and should pull the vehicle over) person being prevented from lawful transport of a dead body even though they had all the necessary permits. And I try to keep up on news of this sort. So the accusation is that he was pulled over for DWM – Driving While Muslim, yet the vehicles tags were not in order. As in the accusations of DWB – Driving While Black – the truth of the story is that there was indeed a valid reason for the initial stop.

    As to the introduction of the piece, that non-Muslims hide their anti-Muslim prejudices by claiming that they hate Islam, but not Muslims, well that’s just silly. Can someone claim that they hate Nazi ideology but do not hate all Germans? Or does hatred of Nazism make one, necessarily, one who hates all people of German heritage? Or, perhaps Will simply wishes to deny Americans the freedom of disliking, even hating, a particular ideology. I suspect it’s the latter. To the horror of faithful Muslims everywhere, many infidels have made the effort to study Islam. Not just to read a little piece by Daniel Pipes or Bernard Lewis, but to really study Islam. Some have even done so in Arabic, studying the Koran and the Hadiths themselves. Coupled with widely accepted Islamic scholarly works, it is possible that some of these infidels have actually acquired a good working knowledge of Islam, Islamic jurisprudence, Shari’a, etc. So, some of the more uncomfortable realities of Islam having been revealed to the kufr, all Muslim apologists can do is attempt to discredit all criticism of Islam using the canard that one who “hates” Islam must in fact “hate” Muslims, even if that person is only criticizing Islam, and not Muslims. For the record, I don’t have any Muslim friends (“Do not befriend the unbeliever…”). But I have no issues with people of Muslim backgrounds who are willing to accept that we live in a largely Christian Republic, where our freedoms permit us to criticize any ideology, including Islam. Our freedoms also permit us to dislike, and even hate, other people, even entire ethnic subsets, provided that hatred is not translated into any unlawful action. We are even allowed to express our hatred in lawful ways, such as burning one’s own copy of the Koran, as a form of free speech or protest. So, if any Muslims can abide by our freedoms to feel and express ourselves within the law as we wish, they should certainly be free to live here, and to be free from unlawful harassment by law enforcement or anyone else.

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