May 31 2017

Help M4L Bring Ramadan and Eid to One of the Largest Liberty Festivals in the Country


By Will Coley
May 2017

In the age of Trump it is foolhardy to let opportunities like this pass us by.

This year we will be bringing a close to our Ramadan @ Porcfest series, with a big bang!! (no pun intended) We’re celebrating Eid this year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival!! 

Thousands of people from around the US and Canada, come to the White Mountains of Lancaster New Hampshire to camp and meet with the biggest media names in the liberty community. Once again we’ll be there isA handing out 1000’s of Eid meals to festival goers. Each night we offer a small meal, and then on the last night of the festival a HUGE Eid dinner for everyone to enjoy.

We create new allies for the Muslim community

Previous Ramadan events at Porcfest have resulted in huge gains for the American Muslim community, some that many of us don’t even realize exist.

As a direct result of our work, the liberty movement in general and even the Libertarian Party itself have become some of the strongest voices to defend Muslims in America.

Big name media personalities like Ian Freeman, Mark Edge, Jeffrey Tucker, (and many others) have become staunch defenders of the rights of Muslims after enjoying a steaming hot iftar meal prepared and served by Muslims 4 Liberty volunteers, so much so that “Ramadan@Porcfest” has become a central part of the yearly event.

Last year at Porcfest XIII a piece of property was even donated by a festival attendee for M4L assistant national director Davi Barker to open a new mosque in Keene, NH.  

Build new bridges, while offering a free meal

The Prophet(saws) was once asked “What is the best action in Islam?”. He(saws) replied, “To feed the people, and greet those whom you know, and those you do not” … and that’s exactly what we do. 

The money we raise will go to pay for food, lots of it. Enough to feed close to 3000 Ramadan/Eid meals to festival goers at the close of Ramadan this year. Culminating FIVE amazing years of dawah work, and sharing the Ramadan experience with thousands of non-Muslim political activists and media personalities.

On the final day of the festival we plan to slaughter two locally sourced goats, one which will be prepared and served for an Eid celebration for festival goers, and the other will be prepared and served at a local homeless shelter by festival volunteers and M4L staff. 

Imagine the blessing in not only making sure a staff of a dozen daee have a chance to celebrate Eid, while doing their work, but also assisting them in providing bowls of hot food that mean so much more than a full stomach. Help us establish and practice this sunnah. 

Every dollar donated helps buy a bowl of food. 

Putting something like this together is not easy, the logistics of cooking and serving thousands of meals to strangers is a nightmare, but we do it because of the blessings it contains and because it works. Sharing a meal with a fellow child of Adam breaks down barriers and creates friendships and relations that can last a life time. 

We keep our food costs extra low by offering traditional Indian vegetarian options, but when you add in travel costs, festival fees, and incidentals( like needing an extra pot or replacing a rained out canopy) the cost to bring this food to the masses ends up being about $1.25 a bowl. 

That means something as simple as $12 can help us reach 10 people, 10 new allies, 10 new defenders of the Muslim community in social media as well as in online, print and radio outlets. Defenders and allies our community could greatly use at this time. 

Our Ramadan at Porcfest series has made amazing gains over the last five years. It has helped M4L establish a national Muslim-hosted radio show, land multiple media interviews, produce the first Muslim VP candidate, acquire donated property for a mosque in Keene NH, and the list goes on and on… YOU could be a part of the next chapter!!!

Please Donate TODAY!!!!!

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