Nov 14 2012

Dear Religious Right…

By Will Coley, Director of M4L
November 2012

Hello average GOP values based voter, I wanted to take a little time after the election to thank you. You have handed the US another 4 years of Obama, and as a Libertarian I appreciate that. Your failures may possibly spell out to our party’s future success as you continue to stick your head in the sand and drive away voters from your party.

Now some may see this statement as harsh, which it is, and it should be. Sometimes, when dealing with the pathologically delusional you have to be firm and direct.  A quick slap in the face to bring them back to reality, and remind them what planet they actually live on.  A wake up call to let them know that culture war, class war, and advocating US imperialism are no longer  viable strategies for carrying national elections.

The failures of 2012 are entirely of the GOP’s own making, particularly those among them who see themselves as the “moral majority”.  That evangelical and conservative jewish block that the talking heads do all they can to court 365 days a year.  A portion of our country that wants to legislate its own moral views on the rest of us, and outlaw or stifle the rights of other religious traditions in the name of “patriotism” or “national security”. They are NOT  irrationally targeting anyone different from them, they will argue, “we are only trying to save America”.

Well I have a quick reality check for you, YOU are helping destroy America. By forcing a political party to adopt your narrow social and religious views as national and foreign policy, you alienate the entire rest of the country that does not share your social or religious views.  YOU and YOUR rhetoric push people out of the GOP on a daily basis. Your lipservice to personal freedom while advocating the usurping of the rights of those you don’t agree, simply turns the GOP into the party of hypocrisy. Your constant harping about  “capitalism” while supporting croniests for office, doesn’t sit well when you actively condemn giving govt handouts to the poor. Welfare is welfare my friend, and corporate welfare is NOT capitalism.

Romney lost the popular vote by a little over 2 million votes. This is ALSO your fault. The GOP can trace it’s dwindling numbers directly to the amount of influence your message has had over the party. The more influence radical religious nativists hold over the party, the less the GOP message appealed to voters. In 2010 I met a man outside the Orange county RPOF office in Orlando.  I was there for a religious freedom bill rally and he was there trying to talk to GOP party bosses who had once listened to him intently, that now snubbed him and turned their backs to him. In 2000 this man, Mr Loutfi, had been instrumental in turning Florida GW Bush’s way. Particularly in the much sought after I-4 corridor.

Mr Loutfi is an American Muslim from Syria, a citizen, and since his immigration to the US a staunch supporter of the GOP. One of between 3-7 MILLION American Muslim VOTERS, that’s right religious right, Muslims not only live here, breath your air, drink your water, and shop in your stores. WE VOTE, and we vote in blocks, in MASS numbers. In 2000 we voted overwhelmingly with GW Bush, in 2008 we voted Obama. Why? Pretty simple really, would you vote in favor of a party whose base openly advocates for nazi style tactics to be used against YOUR religious community?

In 2008 I was staying at a friend’s house in Orlando, it was Eid and the election was right around the corner. I was asking how on earth a well to do musllim family living in the I-4 corridor could possibly vote for McCain. He was Bush part 2 and would continue the atrocious policies of Bush against American Muslims. I was assured that McCain was different, that he was a veteran, had survived torture and was going to fix America’s bad policies. Two days later that changed. A right wing evangelical group sent them a dvd in the mail. I was there when FOUR copies of the Obsession DVD showed up in the mail. One copy for each REGISTERED REPUBLICAN living in the house. I watched live, in person, as the entire household of an influential muslim family changed their vote from McCain to Obama. That was 4 votes, and that’s only one house. I am quite sure that happened in many households up and down the I-4 corridor that day. In their attempt to scare up support for McCain just days before the election, this group had assisted the GOP in performing political Hari Kari, and basically handed the state of Florida and the sought after I-4 corridor to Obama.

Now I am sure that about this time you are feeling righteously indignant. This is YOUR America, a “Christian Nation”,  and you’ll be damned if you’re gonna share it with some pot smoking hippie or some towel headed muslim, and you are entirely entitled to feel that way, but just remember, that hippie and that “muzzie” they vote too, just like you. They raise money, LOTS of money. It’s time the GOP realizes, or remembers, that if they want to remain viable in the future. America is made up of a lot more than Catholic or Evangelical corporate executives. Mr Conservative himself Barry Goldwater warned the GOP against allowing you to have too much influence and power over the party. Goldwater, like most of Americans today, saw you as irrational, obstinate, and divisive. He said your influence over the party would spell the death of the GOP and possibly America…looks like he was right.


This article was also posted on the Daily Paul forum. It was controversially removed only to be reposted with an apology. See the commentary here: http://www.dailypaul.com/263105/dear-religious-right



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  1. ramy

    I recently came across the following page which also has an engaging discussion about the article: http://archive.dailypaul.com/263105.html

    salaam = peace

    1. Phil

      Ramy – Yeah, the author of the linked piece lacks the most basic understanding of the religious right. The reality is that the numbers of Christians seeking a Christian theocracy in place of our Constitutional Republic is insignificant. Most on the Religious Right in America are strong supporters of the Constitution and the civil rights enshrined therein.

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  3. Will

    I wrote this just for those “know” just like you Philip.


    It is pretty evident that you followed a link to this particular article from somewhere else, and have yet to look around anywhere else. Perhaps you should look around a bit. Some of the hadith you have listed have been addressed in other articles on the site. Also much older works of fiqh, and the sunnah itself disagrees with your post wahabiya Azhari “sheikh”.

    1. Philip

      Will – What strikes me most about M4L and your articles is that you criticize us “loons” who pick and choose Islamic sources to support our views while you do the very same thing. You can trash established Islamic scholarship all you want, but you cannot claim to hold THE only correct interpretation of Islamic sources. To disgard Al-Damanhuri so casually, even though he was a major scholar at one of the most important Islamic institutions in the world, is pure hubris on your part. Sure, there are different opinions within Islamic thought, but the undeniable truth is that your very conveniently pro-liberty interpretations are simply not accepted by leading Islamic authorities, today or in the past. If they were, we would see a very different Uma, and the Uma would not have declared jihad on dar al-harb, using Islamic sources as the pretext.

      And so what if I source my quotations from the web? Are they incorrectly quoted? I have read numerous books on Muhammed and Islam, as well as the koran. Surely you would agree that one cannot comprehend the koran without the commentary. Well, your sources for commentary and mine obviously disagree. But my sources are no less valid than yours. My sources, at least, try to draw a connection between the statements made by Muslim leaders who claim to speak in the name of Islam and the Islamic textual sources for those statements.

      I am slowly sifting through your site. So far, I have seen nothing to indicate that you are not attempting to obscure the accepted interpretations of Islamic theology in pursuit of whitewashing sharia and fabricating the myth that sharia and the U.S. constitution are somehow compatible with each other. I only came upon your site recently, and I have a full time job, so I cannot read everything on your site right away. I am posting anyway, since I feel the need to shine the light of truth on your efforts to deceive Americans.

      1. Will

        so what you are saying is that renowned scholars from the classical period like al Suyuti, al Qaraafi, ibn Hazm, ibn Abbas, Abu ‘Amr ‘Uthman ibn al-Salah, Muhammad bin Sa’d, Abu Ja‘far al-‘Aqili, al-Dhahabi, Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani, Ibn Sirin, Imam Malik, Muslim, Sa‘id bin al-Musayyib, Mutarrif, al Maududi, and contemporary scholars like Habib Ali al Jiffri, Zaid Shak’r, Hamza Yusef, Suhaib Webb,Kamali, and Yas’r Qadhi are ALL wrong, and your for profit polemics sources are ALL correct. Sounds totally legit. Forgive me if I see your sources and experts for exactly what they are, paid charlatans who profit from justifying your fear and prejudice.

        Shine all the light you want, every time you visit, every time you comment you make sure our website and links stay in at the top of google and bing. Our biggest issue of fund raising and spreading our message was credibility among the Muslim community. There were accusation that we were a GOP created front group meant to decieve or lull muslims into supporting them again. BNI,WND, and Aaron Klien’s attack pieces fixed that problem for us. Your continued attacks only make us stronger in both Muslim and Libertarian circles. We welcome your so called “light”, please be sure to shine it as often as you can.

  4. Brady

    Why are we more
    concerned with the
    implementation of
    Sharia Law, than
    we are with the
    reality of unconsttutional
    law? Sharia Law is
    not destroying this
    country. Clearly,
    law is doing that.

    1. Philip

      Will, in addition to the fuqha verses quoted above, here are some verses in Sunnah regarding the treatment of non-Muslims, none of which can possibly be interpreted as compatible with the Constitution or Bill of Rights:

      Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57; Narrated Ikrima: Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to Ali {the fourth Caliph} and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn ‘Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle forbade it, saying, “Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).” I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

      Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177; Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour {of the Last Judgment} will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

      Volume 1, Book 2, Number 24; Narrated Ibn Umar: Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah.”

      And on the treatment of dhimmis, this from Al-Damanhuri, 17th Century head of Al-Azhar University in Cairo:

      … just as the dhimmis are prohibited from building churches, other things also are prohibited to them. They must not assist an unbeliever against a Muslim … raise the cross in an Islamic assemblage … display banners on their own holidays; bear arms … or keep them in their homes. Should they do anything of the sort, they must be punished, and the arms seized. … The Companions [of the Prophet] agreed upon these points in order to demonstrate the abasement of the infidel and to protect the weak believer’s faith. For if he sees them humbled, he will not be inclined toward their belief, which is not true if he sees them in power, pride, or luxury garb, as all this urges him to esteem them and incline toward them, in view of his own distress and poverty. Yet esteem for the unbeliever is unbelief. (Al-Damanhuri, quoted in Bat Ye’or, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, 382.)

      But you go ahead and keep trying to fool us “looney” Americans into thinking that there is nothing unconstitutional in sharia. My turn to lol.

  5. Justin

    I’m a Republican and I agree 100% with this article! The rise of the “Religious Right” has killed the Republican Party. These people are not conservatives. Conservatives advocate small government. These people want big government so they can control every single part of you life and take away people’s freedoms. The party has become very authoritarian. The Religious Rights politics are “moral fascism.” The party has lost touch of America there too extreme out of the mainstream. I once had an argument with an evangelical who thought Dinosaur bones are a hoax. Can you believe that?

    The reason there has been such a rise in independents over the last few years is because people are leaving the Republican party and turning independent. The Democratic party has stayed stable.

    Barry Goldwater and several other Republicans did warn about these extremely Religious people. Goldwater said these people are extremist kooks. He said they will not be able to compromise on anything since they are acting in the name of god and politics demand compromise. He said this could do a lot of damage to America and the two party system.

    Goldwater once said:
    “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them”

    The party needs to go back to there Libertarian roots. I doubt the party will change the Religious right controls it they won’t change it they will continue to lose.

  6. Will


    perhaps you should have spent a little time looking around our site before making ludicrous statements. The polemics websites you follow should do the same.


    1. Philip

      Will – Honestly, as I drill down into your web site, I see so many misleading statements and double-talk, it’s hard to know where to begin. But I’ll start with this one from “Islam and Liberty”: You quote the Koran as follows:

      “All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; white has no superiority over black, nor does a black have any superiority over white; [none have superiority over another] except by piety and good action.”

      Here is a fine example of how you mislead non-Muslims. If you understand the last phrase “…except by piety and good action”, then you understand that piety and good action, as defined by Islam, will indeed make the Muslim superior over the non-Muslim, according to Mohammed. This passage has little to do with the equality of mankind, and everything to do with the basis for the superiority of the faithful Muslim over the non-Muslim or unfaithful Muslim.

      I will be happy to continue digging into this web site and replying to your misleading statements as I find them. In the mean time, I strongly recommend that you explain the concept of abrogation in Islam to your web site readers.

      And your conflation of historical examples of religious liberty under sharia law do nothing to address the purely theological approach of Islam to the infidel. The same applies to the Crusaders: While their actions were horrific in many respects, they no more represented Christian theological thought than do the examples of Muslim communities that, in violation of normative sharia laws, granted either temporary or limited liberty to non-Muslims who had come to them for protection.

      1. Will

        you show just how much you pay attention to what you have read here, and exactly how much understanding of your vast study you have, when you quote a passage, that anyone with an introductory understanding of Islam, could tell you is a quote from the Sermon of the Farewell Pilgrimage, NOT a quote from quran. The place you copy pasted it from even says so. lol

        1. Philip

          You are correct in this case, Will, and upon rereading your post, I apologize for the error. However, you have not addressed the fact that this statement does in fact reserve “superiority” for those who properly observe Islam. Where it is from is not that important if you are going to use it as a basis to prove something about Islam.

        2. Will

          Well let’s see what the fuqha say about this supposed “superiority” over non muslims, or the claims of your “trustworthy source” that Muslims are somehow compelled to usurp the rights of or oppress non muslims living among them as their neighbors under protection.

          “The covenant of protection imposes upon muslims certain obligations toward the People of the Covenant. They are our neighbors, under our shelter and protection upon the guaruntee of Allah(swt), His Messenger(saws), and the religion of Islam. Whoever violates these obligations against any one of them by utter so much as an abusive word, slandering their reputation, or by doing some injury ,or assisting in it, has breached the guarantee of Allah(swt), His Messenger(saws) and the religion of al Islam.” (al furuq pg 14)

          Qaraafi further states in al Furuq vol 3 pg 15 in reference to non muslims:

          “‘…gentleness towards the weak, providing clothing to cover them, and soft speech. This must be done with affection and mercy, not by intimidation or degradation. Furthermore, tolerating the fact that they may be bothersome neighbors. Also, praying they receive guidance and [thus] join the ranks of the blessed with external reward, advising them in all wordily and spiritual matters, protecting their reputation if they are exposed to slander, and defending their property, families, rights, and concerns. Assisting them against oppression and getting them their rights.”

  7. Philip

    Coley has been exposed as a covert Muslim Brotherhood operative. I always remind people that if the Jihadists are determined to change our republic into an Islamic Republic, would it make any sense to work within only one politicial group (e.g., the Democratic Party), and hope for the best, or to infiltrate every politicial faction, so that no matter which group succeeded in winning elections, you would have influence? Having already infiltrated the Left, the covert operatives of Islamic jihad now have infiltrated the GOP (Norquist, Hagel, Christy, et. al.). Seeing the potential for the Tea Party to gain traction, they have enlisted people like Coley to infiltrate it as well. The jihadists may succeed in the lng run, and suplant our constitutional law with sharia law. But know this, Coley: We are not all blind, we are not all willing to submit. Whether we leave or stand and fight, your takeover of our freedoms will not be smooth or uneventful. Some of us will fight for our beliefs, every bit as hard as the jihadists fight for theirs. Remember the Gates of Vienna, the protectors of Christian pilgrims in he Holy Land, and those who fight in the midst of the Arab world to preserve their ancestral homeland – Israel.

    1. ramy

      You give way too much credit to the Muslim Brotherhood. Not an insult, but they simply arent that smart or conniving. They wish they were as organized as you say they are. And they can barely take over a country like Egypt which has 80% Muslims.
      Instead of regurgitating ignorance and fear of the unknown, please take some time to read through our website. We’re trying to educate Muslims to get in touch with their forgotten roots of liberty and freedom. And to look past the paranoia of people like yourself and see that we can help each other instead of fight each other.

      1. Philip

        Ramy – Thank you for your reply. Taqqiya in the service of Islam requires that the true efforts of organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood be shrouded in politically-correct speech that hides the real goals of non-violent forms of jihad. The message of the Muslim Brotherhood is getting out quite well, and your web site is a masterful example of the incredible efforts being made to represent Islam as something that it is not.

        As for my “regurgitating ignorance”, my thoughts are based on many years of reading and study of Islam and related matters. I was made aware of this web site by a highly reliable news source, and consider it a personal obligation to shine some light on the many misleading and untrue statements being made here. For starters, while faithful Muslims do indeed have “roots of liberty and freedom”, sharia is a highly oppressive code of behavior, which limits liberty for Muslims, and limits civil rights for non-Muslims. Your efforts to hide this fact with surpentine arguments and half-truths will not be accepted at face value by all of your readers. I am one of those readers. It’s great to be here.

  8. Will

    No one said “america should change”. I assert that the party must change, it must go back to the party of Goldwater, not the party of Falwell and Palin. When conservatism meant something more than benevolent christian theocrat. Basing foreign policy decisions on his pastor’s interpretation of christian eschatology.

    REAL conservatism is DEAD, and the religious right killed it. THIS is real conservatism;

    ” I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ “interests,” I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”
    The Conscience of A Conservative (1960), ghostwritten by L. Brent Bozell, p. 15

    “I think every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass.”

    Said in July 1981 in response to Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell’s opposition to the nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, of which Falwell had said, “Every good Christian should be concerned.” as quoted in Ed Magnuson, “The Brethren’s First Sister,” Time Magazine, (20 July, 1981)

    ” On religious issues there can be little or no compromise. There is no position on which people are so immovable as their religious beliefs. There is no more powerful ally one can claim in a debate than Jesus Christ, or God, or Allah, or whatever one calls this supreme being. But like any powerful weapon, the use of God’s name on one’s behalf should be used sparingly. The religious factions that are growing throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom. They are trying to force government leaders into following their position 100 percent. If you disagree with these religious groups on a particular moral issue, they complain, they threaten you with a loss of money or votes or both.
    I’m frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person, I must believe in “A,” “B,” “C” and “D.” Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me?
    And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate.*** I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of “conservatism.”**** ”
    Speech in the US Senate (16 September 1981)

    “****** Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.*****”
    Said in November 1994, as quoted in John Dean, Conservatives Without Conscience (2006)

    ” Most Americans have no real understanding of the operations of the international moneylenders… the accounts of the Federal Reserve have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and… manipulates the credit of the United States”
    As quoted in The Money Masters (1995)

    “When you say “radical right” today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican Party away from the Republican Party, and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye.” (The Washington Post (28 July 1994)

    There you have it, Mr Conservative himself, says that the religious right will be the DEATH of the Republican party, and watching people avoid Ron Paul because of the tarnish they have brought to the Republican brand name for ALOT of people who USED to vote GOP shows me that Mr Goldwater was RIGHT.

  9. JS

    Wow! you are very Americanized no thats not right you are politicized. You write how America must change because you (your words) towel headed muslim changed his or her vote because of a movie, right after impuning so many for Islamophobia. Ooppsss didn’t think us dumb old Americans would catch that huh.

    The difference between you again your words and us is that you keep bringing up the “you vs us”

    We know this country was built by immigrants since its inception. We also know it was built not to conform with any other country, religion or skin tone.

    I say the same thing I always say my “FAITH” tells me to love you as my brother even if you are of another faith or no faith yours has the “Law of Equality” which establishes different levels of human value when considering certain matters, such as restitution for murder (2:178).

    My faith says to bring you up treat you as my brother no matter the faith. Yours says to Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29 Jizya is the money that non-Muslims must pay to their Muslim overlords

    So save your BS marketing for someone else WE aren’t buying it.

  10. Tom

    Mr. Coley,
    I empathize with your statement. I am a blood born American Citizen with ancestry going back to the revolutionary war. My only interest is being free but as the decades have slipped by so has this nation. It has slipped into something I don’t understand other than covetousness for their self-centered, self-aggrandizing self-interest. I recognize the hatred radical muslims have for America. What you wrote does not piss me off or make me angry, it only saddens me that both political parties are narcistic. This is not a government of the people, by the people for the people, it is just the reverse–government for the sake of government. What I am terrified of is that [o]bama is going to do exactly what he said four years ago. When read between the lines his intent is to destroy this nation. I have absolutely no idea why.
    During this election I felt certain that he would be soundly defeated and why he was elected I still cannot understand. Even what you say about the Muslim commuity they will be just as harmed from his policies and maybe even more so than can be imagined.
    I have said too much. I hope you get what you hope for and I hope I get what I am hoping for. Natural freedom, government out of the lives of Americans, out of the lives of every other nation in the world.

    May be blessings of the great force be with you and yours

  11. JLund

    Sadly, Obama continued many of the same arrogance Imperialist policies of Bush. He is as much “Bush 2” as McCain would have been. He may have toned down the rhetoric, but he continued to escalate the aggression against (predominantly) Muslim people across the globe, and the American people in the so-called “War on Terrorism”. As for Romney, how sad that as bad as Obama was and is for liberty and economics, the GOP could not come up with a more viable option. Perhaps it’s time to stop choosing between the lesser or two evils and stop playing the game all together.

    1. Anurag

      This is an excellent idea, Marc. I was just spnkaieg with a Muslim colleague about the need for something like this. Peter Sanders has a beautiful exhibit documenting British Muslims (artists, musicians, scholars, doctors, scientists, activists, police officers, etc.), pointing out the Muslim threads in the fabric of British society. I think it would be worthwhile for an American Muslim photographer to do the same and disseminate some positive images of Muslims in the US.

  12. Amber

    I rather agree. It is hard to support a group that one sees as actively hateful and blind to their own hatred.

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