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  1. Nelson Muhammad

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    I came across your website after doing some investigating. I have been reading the writings of Maulana Muhammad Ali, and the Lahore Ahmadiyya Muslims, for years. They have been preaching the message of personal freedom for years. In an effort to locate like minded Muslims, I came across this site. I am in NYC. I would like to hook up with some people. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. zaynab elbustan

      Salam alikum
      Thanks for you this website, but i’m astonished that the scholarship and actual term is anarca-islam (for a reason) comes from a person of color who isn’t acknowledged in much of the conversations here as far as i can tell. If mistaken i apologize. Do you both see the problem!

      Mohamed jean veneuse identified as a Muslim anarchist and wrote his MA thesis 10 years ago on the topic of islam and anarchism, their relationships and their resonances towards developing an anti-oppressive, anti-authoritarian, anti-statist, anti-capitalist islam using the Qur’an. He argues for a qur’an of the oppressed and a decolonial Islam. He’s quite a powerful speaker and very unique point of view given he works from indigenous, black, Arab and Muslim perspectives. The writer/activist I am referring to is of Egyptian (Arab and African) descent and has been involved with a lot of organizing with people of color on Turtle Island, on palestine, with indigenous, immigrant and black folks and anarchist communities. He works on settler-colonial links between palestine and the US/Canada and states that Muslims in the US/Canada need to identify and recognize that they are settlers and part of the settler-colonial project because they occupy indigenous land. He’s been involved in the Tahrir uprisings and with the radical Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico. See:

      1. Will


        i had literally never heard of him , but that you for remedying that. Plz send us an email, i would also like ot get him on radio asap.

  2. Craig Bolton

    Actually, there are private causes of action available under the Sherman Act.

  3. Craig B.

    Unless they ban me eternally for making fun of them hither and yon.

    What do you think of a Section 1 Action for Monopolization against them ?

    1. ramy

      I think its section 2. But I’m not following why. There are plenty of online alternatives to facebook.. you just won’t be part of the facebook party.
      In general, I’m not a fan of government intervening in private companies. Facebook is free to behave however it wants and ban whoever it wants… as long as it doesnt steal, defraud or harm anyone. In your case, it just shows how naive and ignorant some facebook admins can be.
      Hang in there.. I’m sure you’ll find your 30-day facebook free life quite liberating:) Take care

  4. Craig J. Bolton

    In response to Ramy’s IM this morning:

    “Thank you ! I received the book several days ago. I appreciate the trouble you took in this matter, and I particularly appreciate and admire the work being done by your M4L group. The below explains why I was unable to respond by return IM.

    On July 26th a thirty day block was imposed on me by Facebook administration for posting the following:

    “Stalin is a monster. The Communists will rape and gut the world. We need Hitler to win !!!”

    in response to the immediately prior post in the same thread by an avid Democrat, reading:

    “Trump is a monster. The Republicans will rape and gut the world. We need Hillary to win !!!”

    Anyone with a grade school education knows that this is an analogy laying bare the logical structure of the original assertion. It is called a “reductio ad absurdum.” But the idiots employed by Facebook apparently didn’t bother to look at the previous post I was responding to (although it was immediately above this post) or don’t have a grade school education. Maybe that is why they have the jobs they have.

    Given past run ins of this sort one can only conclude that Facebook’s administration of its “community standards” is highly political, but also not very intelligent. In short, the result is that they don’t know what they are doing, and they have set up their system so that clear errors of this sort can’t be reported to them.

    1. ramy

      Got your message! and there was no trouble on our part.
      I wonder if had you swapped the names and said “Hitler is a monster… Stalin to win”, then maybe it wouldn’t have triggered the ban:) In any event, thanks again for your support. And see you on facebook in a month!

  5. Eric Roberts

    My name is Eric Roberts and I briefly spoke with you at your booth at Freedom Fest 2016 @ PH. I operate a contract web applications and software development group out of Colorado Springs, CO like we discussed:

  6. Osama Shaikh

    Do you have reverted Muslims in your network. I would love to connect with them and learn about their journey from darkness to the light of Islam. Thank you

    1. ramy

      M4L’s Director is Will Coley and M4Ls Assistant Director is Davi Barker. They are both converts (or reverts as you say).
      You can read about Will Coley here:

      And you can read about Davi here:

      Check out M4Ls facebook page to also connect with other converts.
      salaam = peace

  7. rima

    salam alaykium bro coley,

    my husband saw the videos in reference to your feeding the people at porcupine fest last year 2015. we like your idea.

    may we find out if you went to this event with your wife and children? if so do you recommend it for families with young children or not?

    we like the idea of feeding others and might take part this year if you can kindly explain your experience and feedback.

    is there anything families should be aware of before attending?

    we look forward to hearing back from you

    jazakullah kahriun
    your sis in the deen rima and family

  8. Terry West

    I am producer of “The Rude Awakening” with Mike Howard morning show from 6 to 9am (Eastern Time) weekday mornings on KnoxTalkRadio 94.3 FM WNFZ, Knoxville, Tennessee. I am reaching out to you about the possibility of scheduling someone from your group as a guest on our show. If someone from your group could contact me at I would appreciate it.

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