Clear Skies Initiative – Sponsors

This is a broad coalition that breaks ideological and political boundaries. Opposing drone violence and the injustices resulting from the misuse of drones, is a communal obligation.

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CSI-FOUNDER: M4L highlights the striking parallels between Islam and Libertarianism ,and seeks to develop a practical methodology for social, economic and political involvement based upon the overlapping principles of Islam and libertarianism.

Silver Circle Underground

CSI-ORGANIZER: All things political. A blog which holds public officials, including police officers, accountable for violating the rights of citizens.

 Upstate-NY Coalition to Ground Drones

CSI-ORGANIZER: Resisting Global Wars, Drones and Empire.

 United National Antiwar Coalition

CSI-ORGANIZER: A coalition of organizations founded on: 1) unity , 2) independence from political parties, 3)democratic-decision-making, 4) U.S. Out Now from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and now Libya), and 5) a commitment to mass action.

CSI-SPONSOR: The social network of the revolution. Organizes action that addresses the most pressing problems facing America.

The Liberty Paper

CSI-SPONSOR: Commenting and reporting on legislation that affects the American People’s liberty, domestic and abroad. Seeks to find common ground that can bring Americans of all political parties together to secure civil liberties and constitutional rights for all.

Vote for Nobody Campaign

CSI-ORGANIZER: We do not struggle for control of organizations or government. We do not lobby the State for favors or permission to control those with whom we disagree. Rather, we advocate freedom. By its very nature, the State does not.

Mental Self Defense Radio

CSI-SPONSOR: Hosted by Jake Shannon. A private, members-only, resource for those serious about independent thought, mental self-defense, and self-reliance.

 Brush Fires of the Mind Podcast

CSI-SPONSOR: A show dedicated to the discussion of the problems we as a country and society face, and the solutions we need to fix them.

 The Side Project Freecast

CSI-SPONSOR: A podcast about libertarian issues from a midwestern perspective. Join Lec Zorn and Jim Goebel as we take you on a journey to self ownership.

Interfaith Anarchists

CSI-ORGANIZER: Followers of different faiths promoting the ideas of a stateless society.

Illicit Undergound

CSI-SPONSOR: “Illicit Underground” was a short-lived underground magazine, or “zine”, published in 1996. While the magazine may have been short-lived, the name continued to lurk in the Underground, waiting for the day when it could emerge, needed by humanity once more…

Last Stand for Liberty

CSI-SPONSOR: We are a Libertarian group that is focused on educating more people on the Liberty movement.

 Green Party of West TN

CSI-SPONSOR: The Green Party of West Tennessee seeks to promote the 10 Key Values of the Green Party in public policy through citizen action and political participation.

TN Sons of Liberty

CSI-SPONSOR: An information hub that believes in objective truth, and in civil disobedience as demonstrated by Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Iowa Green Party

CSI-SPONSOR: Committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice and grassroots organizing, the Green Party and its affiliates seek to speak truth to corporate power about alternative energy, corporate globalization, universal health care, election reform and decent wages for workers. Official affiliate of the US national Green Party.



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CSI-ORGANIZER: A site devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike. A source for antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities.

Defending Dissent

CSI-ORGANIZER: Our mission is to protect and advance the right of dissent. We alert local activists to civil liberties threats, and make sure the concerns of activists are heard in Washington.

Williamsport Tea Party

CSI-ORGANIZER: Formed in Pennsylvania in 2009 in response to the public outrage over the bailouts being rushed through congress at taxpayer expense and against the overwhelming opposition of the American public.

 Liberty Candidates

CSI-ORGANIZER: Assist voters in finding candidates who will uphold the standards of Liberty in coming elections. Learn about your state’s Liberty Candidates, where they stand on the issues, and how you can help them win.

CSI-ORGANIZER: Information, Activism & Resistance to US militarism, war & corporate greed, linking with struggles against racism & oppression within the United States.

Fajita Fun Time Radio

CSI-SPONSOR: Hosted by an award winning broadcaster, the fajita of freedom delivers a message of liberty with humor and special guests.

Liberty Empowerment Institute

CSI-SPONSOR: Our goal is to replace politicians with principled citizen legislators and set up a liberty structure throughout the state based on principle and not a political party.

Save America Foundation

CSI-SPONSOR: Implements programs of education to better inform the general public not only of their Constitutional rights, but of the means by which they can participate in the process to protect those rights.

Freedom Feens

CSI-SPONSOR: Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi’s fun ‘n’ feisty thrice-weekly chat about true free markets, the digital police state, self-defense, real money, activism, DIY media, pets, rock ‘n’ roll, and finding your place in the world.

Exposing The Truth

CSI-SPONSOR:  ETT intends to be as open and uncensored as possible. Freedom to express unpopular views is key to global evolution. We seek to post highly accurate information from alternative, mainstream and fringe sources.

 American Hemp Products

CSI-SPONSOR: A company making 100% Hemp Products here in America to allow our people to learn about the quality of hemp cloth, paper and food items, so that hemp can once again be grown in America by popular demand.

Susquehanna Valley Liberty Alliance

CSI-SPONSOR: A non-partisan group for people from all parts of the political spectrum, from the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, who are interested in protecting and preserving our liberties and exposing attempts to take them away.

 Lake County Libertarian Party

CSI-SPONSOR: Lake County Ohio. We believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another. In a nutshell, we are advocates for a smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

Flight of the Bastards

CSI-SPONSOR: Saying what needs to be said. The truths must be seen and confronted (Man’s inhumanity to man, the utter corruption of world politicians, the repression of the poor and the hungry, and the complete and total rape of justice).

Alliance of the Libertarian Left

CSI-SPONSOR: A multi-tendency coalition of mutualists, agorists, voluntaryists,
geolibertarians, left-Rothbardians, green libertarians, dialectical anarchists, radical minarchists,
and others on the libertarian left, united by an opposition to statism and militarism, to cultural

Center for Stateless Society

CSI-SPONSOR: An anarchist think-tank and media center. Its mission is to explain and defend the idea of vibrant social cooperation without aggression, oppression, or centralized authority. In particular, it seeks to enlarge public understanding and transform public perceptions of anarchism.



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Peace Action – New York State

CSI-ORGANIZER: New York affiliates of Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the country.

Florida Tenth Amendment Center

CSI-ORGANIZER: A national think tank that works to preserve and protect the principles of strictly limited government through information, education, and activism. Focusing primarily on the decentralization of federal government power as required by the Constitution.


CSI-ORGANIZER: Purpose is to give a human face to those who would otherwise be unrecognized victims of war, injustice and environmental degradation. Connects the people of Westchester NY with a progressive agenda for the planet and its peoples.

 Libertarian Review

CSI-ORGANIZER: An independent alternative for political debate.

 Guardians of the Constitution

CSI-ORGANIZER: A group of patriots dedicated to defending liberty and restoring the constitution.

 Libertarian Party of Pasco County Florida

CSI-SPONSOR: We stand for free markets and individual rights. Official affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida

Define Liberty

CSI-SPONSOR: Bringing you honest reporting and provocative commentary on the most important issues of the day. Our core mission: uncovering what truly matters in the world of news and culture and promoting and re-enlightening a new era of liberty.

Angel Clark Show

CSI-SPONSOR: Angel Clark is a talk radio host, a syndicated writer, an activist and lover of Liberty.

 1787 Radio Network

CSI-SPONSOR: To promote the Libertarian message of a constitutionally limited federal government and to fight the political class that stands in our way by educating and mobilizing the general public.

Free Press Publications

CSI-SPONSOR: An independent alternative media and publishig company with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” . FPP also gives new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material.


CSI-SPONSOR: Our goal is to help explain the convoluted, cavalier information fed to us as “Truth” by the corporate media. We are “Sheeple” if we continue to blindly follow our acclaimed leaders, and believe what they choose as their “Truths” to enlighten us.

Shire Silver

CSI-SPONSOR: Rebuilding a precious metals based economy with better bullion. We are supporters of sound money, based on wealth not debt, especially currencies based on precious metals.

Libertarian Christians

CSI-SPONSOR: Your source for learning about the philosophy of liberty, which is called libertarianism, within the context of the Christian faith.

 Dinar Wakala

CSI-SPONSOR: A Texas company, offering the Dinar and Dirhams in the United States. A strong supporter of the sound money movement.

Liberty Maniacs

CSI-SPONSOR: The world’s outfitter for liberty lovers everywhere for over 10 years. We venerate liberty, and creatively rebuke the ideas, individuals, and institutions that act against it.

Ed Quiggle Jr. for City Council in Sunbury PA

CSI-SPONSOR: Ed Quiggle, Jr. is currently serving as the Pennsylvania State Constable for the 9th Ward of the City of Sunbury, PA. Last year he signed a resolution to oppose the NDAA and the PATRIOT Act. Now Ed Quiggle, Jr. is running for City Council, making the Clear Skies Initiative part of his platform, pledging to fight to pass anti-drone legislation if elected.



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