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Jan 13 2019

Illuminating Islam’s Peaceful Origins – 2 Book Reviews

Source: By Mustafa Akyol (NY Times), Dec 2018 [The following is an excerpt of an article written by Mustafa Akyol where he reviews two books: God In The Quran, by Jack Miles, 241 pgs, $26.95 Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires by Juan Cole, 326 pgs, $28 ] Is Allah, the God …

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Mar 18 2012

Review: Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

  Review: Islam and the Discovery of Freedom By Davi Barker, M4L June 8, 2011   I read the entirety of “Islam and the Discovery of Freedom” by Rose Wilder Lane on a direct flight from San Francisco to New York. I literally cried as she chronicled the great liberty of the past being eclipsed …

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Feb 18 2012

Review of “Zeitgeist the Movie Part III: Moving Forward”

By Davi Barker Published on SF Muslim Examiner, January 17, 2011 It seems constant throughout all the Zeitgeist films that I enthusiastically agree with almost exactly half of Peter Joseph’s message, and could not disagree with the other half more vociferously. This new installment is no different it seems.   The first segment of the …

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