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Sep 17 2016

A Precedential Limerick

  A Precedential Limerick by Ramy Osman   Voting for an American president You’d think is a major accomplishment But people limit their choices Silence their own voices And then choose one of two incompetents

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Sep 11 2016

It’s 9-11 Again

It’s 9-11 Again by Ramy Osman I can’t escape from the numbers 9-11 Appearing in places like an uncanny obsession Many times it’s just a matter of when That it’ll be 9-11 again It could happen during the morning routine Or in the evening, where it would feel like a dream I glance at the …

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Mar 13 2016

Power Corrupts the People Too

By Ramy Osman March 2016 I wrote this poem in 2013, two years after the uprisings in the Arab world. It was also two years after the Occupy Movement was born in New York City. These grassroots movements were generally started by people who were politically marginalized and who had little to no political influence. …

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May 25 2015

Who’s the Terrorist?

By Ramy Osman May 2015 Obama’s drone policy continues to assassinate unnamed people while killing thousands of civilians as collateral damage, not to mention the Americans who are killed as well. This drone policy has spread terror throughout the skies of poor and third world countries. Residents in those countries live in fear of American …

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Dec 31 2014

It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84

It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84 by Priscilla Galstaun-Khader It’s a new year but don’tcha know Nothin’s changed here Life’s still the same for the blacks, reds and browns and the truthers, yo Downside up, right is wrong It’s ‘15 goin’ on ‘84 for a while now Shake off the sleep, look in deep There’s no …

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Dec 20 2014

The Tortured (A Poem by Priscilla Galstaun-Khader)

The Tortured By Priscilla Galstaun-Khader From Abu Ghraib to the shores of Guantanamo Bay from anonymous black sites to CAR prisoners locked away. We are the tortured. From the black man lying dead on the streets of New York screaming “I can’t breathe!” to a twelve year old boy who met a similar end because …

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Sep 28 2014

A Hyphenated American

A HYPHENATED AMERICAN by Priscilla Galstaun­-Khader     I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim-­American but your prophet is evil. Why don’t you denounce renounce condemn repent Seek redemption for what you represent? I’m not racist, nor am I a bigot I love and respect you, Muslim­-American but your religion is primeval. Why are you silent impenitent reticent maleficent Not groveling and obsequiant?

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