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Mar 07 2015

Oklahoma Libertarians Form Human Chain to Protect Muslims From Bigoted Tea Partiers

From Around the Web Source: Nick Bernabe March 2, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) Oklahoma City, OK — As Oklahoma Muslims descended on the state’s capital last week on February 27 for ‘Muslim Day’, they were met by bigoted reactionaries fearful over the supposed takeover of Sharia Law in America. The protesters resembled ‘Tea Party’ groups and …

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Mar 01 2015

Chick-fil-A Caters and Implements Sharia Law!!!! (So, what?)

By James Parsons M4L Guest Contributor March 1, 2015 Every time I hear some right-winger cry in fear that Sharia Law has come to the US, I laugh.  More often than not, the fear of Sharia Law comes from Christian Conservatives whose religious fanaticism make them quite devoted to Chick-fil-A.  But, what these fanatics don’t …

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Jan 11 2015

Lies, Lies, and Damnable Lies

PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH by Craig Dawkins M4L Guest Contributor, January 2015 I have grown weary of the constant assertion by Islamophobes who insist that Muslims have a duty to mislead non-Muslims as a practice to destroy them. This is not only untrue, but is often an intentional lie which …

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Dec 12 2014

I Don’t Hate Muslims, Just Islam

By Will Coley “I don’t hate Muslims, just Islam”. It’s a familiar trope heard on radio, and seen often in social media. The bigot’s defense of their hatred, thinly veiled as disdain for ideology, rather than people. Growing up in the south east, i heard similar tropes from local racists growing up. “I don’t ‘hate’ …

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Oct 27 2014

“Lines Drawn”, Civil War In Oklahoma Over Anti-Islam Hysteria

By Will Coley There is an ideological war raging in the national liberty community, over the the use anti-Muslim animus, and the politics of fear For the last few months, Oklahoma has been a center of Anti-Muslim hysteria. Long before the unfortunate, and heinous attacks, of the obviously mentally ill Alton Nolen, influential Republicans were …

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Sep 26 2014

A Tale of Two Murders: Moore, OK and Media Bias

OH LOOK!!!!! Someone did something stupid or violent that happened to be Muslim, time for everyone to freak out. Yes, today in Moore Oklahoma 30 year old Alton Nelson, drove to his previous place of employment, hit a car, then went inside and murdered two people, before being put down by someone carrying a gun. …

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Sep 14 2014

Why Don’t Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

  By Ramy Osman September 2014 This question is frequently posed by non-Muslims in the media and in public forums. At times it’s non-Muslims asking each other this question. And at times it’s a question posed to any Muslim they encounter. Rarely is the questioner genuinely wondering why they haven’t seen Muslims condemning terrorism. More often …

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Dec 07 2013

My Complete Correspondence with Dave Gaubatz

This year, on Halloween, I was contacted by Dave Gaubatz, author of Muslim Mafia. It’s a rather long, poorly reasoned book that mostly boasts about the number of documents his son, Chris Gaubatz stole from CAIR’s national office while masquerading as a convert to Islam (They call that taqiyyah in anti-Muslim circles). I read his book, …

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Apr 19 2013

Joining The Fight Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry

By Ramy Osman April, 2013             This past February (2013) I had a brief encounter with a well known personality who is one of many people who voice their hatred of Islam. His name is Frank Gaffney (Washington Times columnist, former advisor to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, and one of the original signers of the …

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Mar 17 2013

Is Pamela Gellar Winning the Billboard War?

Is Pamela Gellar Winning the Billboard War? By Davi Barker Originally posted on SF Muslim Examiner, March 15 2003   The billboard wars continue, this week in San Francisco. Every so often Anti-Muslim demagogue, Pam Geller blows a wad of cash on an ad (hominem) campaign against Islam, or at least critical of the boogeyman …

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Mar 02 2013

School Boards, Muslim Agendas, Bigotry, and National Security

By Ramy Osman, VA-M4L March 2013 See Part 1: HERE What an interesting congregation of people and topics. They all came to a head on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) Board meeting in Virginia. It was the last in a series of meetings where the LCPS Board was to …

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Dec 28 2012

Anti-Muslim Lunacy and Logical Black Holes.

Tolstoy once said, “ The most difficult of subjects can be explained to the most slow witted man, if he has not formed any idea of them yet; but the simplest thing can not be made clear to the most intelligent of men, if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow …

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Dec 21 2012

Some thoughts on the Theory of Abrogation.

By Will Coley December 2012 With the sudden popularity of Muslims 4 Liberty among the anti-Muslim looniverse, we thought it necessary to offer some articles discussing their favorite topics. There is a false dichotomy set up within the anti-Muslim loons message, and it is a convenient way to disregard the actions or views of Muslims …

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Nov 10 2012

If the Taliban are not responsible for 9-11, then why are we still fighting them?

By Ramy Osman November 2012 For it to be the longest war in American history, it’s difficult to explain what the Afghanistan War is really about. Just like in Iraq, the reasons used to justify this war have changed over the years because people are either too arrogant or too ignorant to admit a mistake. …

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Aug 02 2012

Muslims 4 Liberty Calls for the Release of Rimsha Masih and a Referendum on Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

By Davi Barker, M4L Assistant Director August 26, 2012 Also published in The Libertarian Review As an organization dedicated to demonstrating the necessity of liberty to the Islamic faith, Muslims 4 Liberty is calling upon the Pakistani government to release Rimsha Masih, the Christian girl who was arrested on blasphemy charges after being accused of …

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Jun 07 2012

Southern Poverty Law Center Demonstrates that the Road to Obscurity is Paved With Character Assassinations

By Davi Barker, M4L June 7, 2012   It looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) needs a serious reality check. Last week the SPLC added long time friend of Muslims 4 Liberty, Michael Boldin to their list of “30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right”.  Michael is the Founder and Director of the Tenth …

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Apr 15 2012

Islam is of the Devil? Students wear anti-Islam t-shirts

By Davi Barker Originally published on SF Muslim Examiner on August 28, 2009 Dove World Outreach Center‎ 5805 NW 37th St, Gainesville, FL‎ Controversy struck in Gainesville Florida where The Dove World Outreach Center put itself on the map with a little sign which read “Islam is of the Devil.” When interviewed Dr. Terry …

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Mar 27 2012

Jihad Watch Calls Muslims for Liberty Liars

Jihad Watch Calls Muslims for Liberty Liars By Davi Barker September 4, 2011, originally published on SF Muslim Examiner Good old Bob. Always makes me smile. It seems Robert Spencer has taken umbrage with some things I said in my recent article “Tea Party Muslims shatter all preconceptions.” His first objection is my opening line. …

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Mar 18 2012

The Verse of the Sword: an unqualified tafsir

By Davi Barker, M4L April 11, 2010   Qur’an 9:5, “Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).” Sounds scary right? It’s known as “The Verse of the Sword”, and admittedly many Muslims have used this verse to …

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Feb 15 2012

Shocking anti-Muslim hate rally on video

By Davi Barker Originally published on SF Muslim Examiner on March 4, 2011 This week a video was released of an anti-Muslim protest outside the fundraising dinner of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in Orange County, CA. ICNA conducts all sorts of charitable programs in the U.S., from disaster relief to family …

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