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  2. Libertarian Party National Vice Chairman Encourages Fellow Libertarians to Protect Muslim Americans — November 11, 2016
  3. Yes Muslims, we are also responsible for the rise of Trump. — March 10, 2016
  4. ***UPDATE***M4L-TN Calls for Resignation of TWO Tennessee Sheriffs — September 1, 2015
  5. Anjem Choudary as ‘native informer’, and new Fox News ‘house Muslim’ — May 21, 2015

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May 31 2017

Help M4L Bring Ramadan and Eid to One of the Largest Liberty Festivals in the Country

  By Will Coley May 2017 In the age of Trump it is foolhardy to let opportunities like this pass us by. This year we will be bringing a close to our Ramadan @ Porcfest series, with a big bang!! (no pun intended) We’re celebrating Eid this year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival!!  Thousands of people …

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Nov 11 2016

Libertarian Party National Vice Chairman Encourages Fellow Libertarians to Protect Muslim Americans

By Will Coley November 2016 This afternoon, Libertarian Party national Vice Chairman, Arvin Vohra, took to facebook to encourage fellow libertarians to protect their Muslim neighbors, through force of arms if need be.

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Mar 10 2016

Yes Muslims, we are also responsible for the rise of Trump.

I know the title has probably angered you, but it’s time we take a long hard look as a community at some harsh realities of our situation. Namely that we caused this, or at the very least refused to do anything that wasn’t easy, to fix or prevent it. Now I know what you’re going …

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Sep 01 2015

***UPDATE***M4L-TN Calls for Resignation of TWO Tennessee Sheriffs

By Will Coley September 2015 Muslims 4 Liberty Tennessee is calling for the immediate resignation of Sevier County,TN Sheriff Ron Seals. Last week at a meeting of the Sevier County Tea Party Sheriff Ron Seals of Sevier County made openly bigoted statements, showing his inability to fairly and equitably enforce the law on all of …

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May 21 2015

Anjem Choudary as ‘native informer’, and new Fox News ‘house Muslim’

By Will Coley May 2015 The entire concept of the ‘native informer’ is that they hold an association with a culture that the war machine is attempting to exterminate. Much like a native American who profits from telling stories of scalping settlers, or the “useful Jew” who assists the Nazis in hopes of saving himself …

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Dec 12 2014

I Don’t Hate Muslims, Just Islam

By Will Coley “I don’t hate Muslims, just Islam”. It’s a familiar trope heard on radio, and seen often in social media. The bigot’s defense of their hatred, thinly veiled as disdain for ideology, rather than people. Growing up in the south east, i heard similar tropes from local racists growing up. “I don’t ‘hate’ …

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Oct 27 2014

“Lines Drawn”, Civil War In Oklahoma Over Anti-Islam Hysteria

By Will Coley There is an ideological war raging in the national liberty community, over the the use anti-Muslim animus, and the politics of fear For the last few months, Oklahoma has been a center of Anti-Muslim hysteria. Long before the unfortunate, and heinous attacks, of the obviously mentally ill Alton Nolen, influential Republicans were …

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Oct 24 2014

OK Liberty Candidate Teaches Muslims the Proper Way to Make a Point. **UPDATED**

By Will Coley October 2014 Many times in life we’re given choices,chances to define who we are as individuals, what we’ll stand for, and what we won’t. We all hope that when put into that position, that we’ll have the courage, and dedication to conviction and principle, to put those before “going along”. Unfortunately too …

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Oct 23 2014

Oklahoma in Reverse, East Tennessee Tea Party Attends Muslim Hosted ISIS Townhall

By Will Coley Today many of us are overwhelmed, the current sustained level of fear, and outrage expressed around the country. From hatefests in Oklahoma, and Utah, to the very real violence in the Middle East, many Muslims are suffering from outrage fatigue. All the more reason when something good comes across the radar, to …

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Oct 22 2014

Ebola, Islam, Immigration, and Oklahoma’s Politics of Fear

Last night Muslims 4 Liberty Oklahoma’s Priscilla Galstaun-Khader attended the Securing America Town Hall in Tulsa OK, hosted by Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Here is a summary of her experience, and thoughts on the event. Herodotus: “In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons.” Congressman Jim Bridenstine, representing Oklahoma’s First District …

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Sep 26 2014

A Tale of Two Murders: Moore, OK and Media Bias

OH LOOK!!!!! Someone did something stupid or violent that happened to be Muslim, time for everyone to freak out. Yes, today in Moore Oklahoma 30 year old Alton Nelson, drove to his previous place of employment, hit a car, then went inside and murdered two people, before being put down by someone carrying a gun. …

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Sep 22 2014

Oklahoma Republicans call out their own…..CAIR ignores it.

By Will Coley In the last few weeks some pretty crazy things have come from higher ups in the OK GOP. In particular comments made by OK GOP State Rep,John Bennet. Referring to Islam in America as, ‘a cancer that should be cut out’. Now this is nothing new to nativist rhetoric, rabid nationalists and …

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Nov 26 2013

Tasa’eer, the minimum wage, and Islam.

In the modern political world in the west, we see many ‘progressive muslims’ raising various political banners, in condemnation or support, of a whole host of issues. Many times advocating a position regardless of the stance of Islam on these issues. A new favorite area for the modern progressive Muslim to hoist his/her banner is …

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Feb 05 2013

M4L Announces New, “Perspectives”, Interfaith Liberty Initiative.

In my journey around the internet and social media, I have noticed a rift of sorts in the Liberty movement. Nothing as menacing or vast, as the cavern that has grown between the neocons and liberty lovers of modern “conservatism”, but a divide none the less. I see a growing animosity between people of faith, …

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Jan 07 2013

A Prophetic warning of the growing Police State?

By Will Coley January, 2013 Before I begin, a short disclaimer. Despite the recent accolades of some friends and fans of Muslims 4 Liberty, I am not an A3lem (scholar). I am simply a student, nor am I under any illusion that someone such as myself could ever possibly understand the complete meaning or context …

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Dec 31 2012

Proud Member of the Uncompromising “Minority”

By Will Coley December 31, 2012 “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”,  Samuel Adams. Whenever I read or hear this quote I hear echos of Prophetic wisdom expressed in an adage that I have heard since …

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Dec 28 2012

Anti-Muslim Lunacy and Logical Black Holes.

Tolstoy once said, “ The most difficult of subjects can be explained to the most slow witted man, if he has not formed any idea of them yet; but the simplest thing can not be made clear to the most intelligent of men, if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow …

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Dec 24 2012

Khadija Umm ul Muminin: Strength, Character, Intellect: Defining Strong Women.

Written by ‘Amira Mustafa’   Khadija umm ul muminin (r.a), one of the most extraordinary and inspiring women of her time, and she is the epitome of independence for postmodern women. What makes this woman so special? Born in 7th century Arabia, in a society that favored men and treated women as mere chattel Khadija …

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Dec 21 2012

Some thoughts on the Theory of Abrogation.

By Will Coley December 2012 With the sudden popularity of Muslims 4 Liberty among the anti-Muslim looniverse, we thought it necessary to offer some articles discussing their favorite topics. There is a false dichotomy set up within the anti-Muslim loons message, and it is a convenient way to disregard the actions or views of Muslims …

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Dec 21 2012

The Sunnah of Personal Protection

Note: ‘Sunnah’ is an Arabic word which means the example and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) By Will Coley December 2012 With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, and the calls of some liberal mainstream Muslim organizations for gun control, some people have asked us to weigh in on this topic. As …

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