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May 13 2019

The Multi-Polar World of Islam

Source: By: Ali Salman Dec 2018 Do we have any singular, sacrosanct version of Islam with any central authority? The obvious answer to this question is No, however, what is important is to realize that how differences in the interpretations influence the political regimes in which these narratives thrive. The global debate on Islam is largely …

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Apr 08 2019

Muslims and Law Enforcement Agencies: A Response

Source: Sept. 2018 By: El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan To My Dear Respected Brother, Dr. Aslam Abdullah: Assalaamu Alaikum, While on a recent visit in Michigan I had the pleasure of coming across the August 31, 2018, edition of The Muslim Observer. As usual, I enjoyed reading the articles contained therein; but one, in particular, resulted …

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Apr 03 2019

A Statement and Petition Requesting the Release of Dr Salman Al-Ouda

Source: By: Coalition Sept 2018 We cannot look the other way when a travesty of justice and a blatant abuse of human and civil rights plays out in the land in which prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, received a divine revelation which remains inscribed on the entrance of the Harvard Law library, …

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Jan 18 2019

…He Might Be An Informant

Source: By MLFA Oct 2015 [The following is by the Muslim Legal Fund of America, which is a charity that funds legal work and programs to defend Muslims against injustice in American courtrooms, prisons, and communities.]   What is an informant supposed to be and how are they supposed to be used? An informant is an …

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Jan 16 2019

Group Rights in the Ottoman ‘Millet’ System

Source: By Tasneem Alkiek (Yaqeen Institute), March 2018 [The following is an excerpt from a Yaqeen Institute publication titled: “Tolerance, Minorities and Ideological Perspectives“. The citations have been removed here, but can be viewed on the publishers website.] … [U]nder Ottoman rule, an official millet system was established. The term millet was used to refer to communities of religious minorities, and eventually led …

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Jan 13 2019

Illuminating Islam’s Peaceful Origins – 2 Book Reviews

Source: By Mustafa Akyol (NY Times), Dec 2018 [The following is an excerpt of an article written by Mustafa Akyol where he reviews two books: God In The Quran, by Jack Miles, 241 pgs, $26.95 Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires by Juan Cole, 326 pgs, $28 ] Is Allah, the God …

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Aug 26 2018

The Man Who Saved A Generation

Source: By Fadi Malkosh (Network Radio), May 2017 [The following is a excerpt/repost of an article written by Fadi Malkosh (Founder and Author of Network Radio), titled “The Man Who Saved The World“. The title has been renamed for Muslim4Liberty] On August 20th 1935, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Ronald Ernest Paul was born.  Son to Howard-Casper and …

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Aug 18 2018

Imran Khan’s Journey to Understanding Islam and Liberty

Source: By Imran Khan (Arab News), January 2002 [The following is an excerpt from an article written in 2002 by Imran Khan (the 2018 elected Prime Minister of Pakistan). Originally titled “Why the West craves materialism & why the East sticks to religion“, the article details Khans personal struggle to harmonize his understanding of both Islam …

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May 31 2017

Islam and Classical Liberalism: Are they Compatible?

Source: By Mustafa Akyol (Learn Liberty), April 10, 2011   In [the] classical age of Islam — say, from the 7th century to the 19th century — there was at least one gain in terms of liberty: Muslim states did not have a single law of the land. They rather had multiple legal systems to which individuals …

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May 29 2017

Playing the Taqiyya Card: Evading Intelligent Debate by Calling all Muslims Liars

Source: By Omar Suleiman and Nazir Khan (Yaqeen Institute) April 27, 2017 Trust is a basic element for human beings to live together amicably in a multicultural society. It is unsurprising then that propaganda that has driven societies towards genocide often focuses on depicting a minority group as inherently dishonest and dangerous. For instance, preceding …

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May 29 2017

Does Islam Force Itself On Others?

Source:  By Mustafa Umar (Virtual Mosque), April 10, 2011 The Accusation One of the most common, yet groundless, accusations being made against Islam is that it forces itself on others. The picture presented is that if someone does not stop Islam, it will forcefully convert everyone, even at gunpoint. Here is one of the …

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Apr 10 2017

The Concept of Freedom in Islam

Source: By the authors at Freedom, both as a concept and as a value, has been denied to many individuals, groups, and nations. It has been often misunderstood and abused. The fact is that in no human society can man be free in the absolute sense of the word. There must be some …

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Apr 09 2017

BBC Video: Tariq Ramadan: ‘Islam’s quiet intellectual revolution’

From the Web: Source: By Viewsnight on BBC (BBC World) March 13, 2017 Viewsnight is BBC Newsnight’s new place for ideas and opinion. Here, author and academic Tariq Ramadan argues there is an “intellectual revolution” taking place within Islam. This is a response to Graeme Wood’s Viewsnight: The rise of Islamic State is the …

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Jan 29 2017

Libertarian Party to Muslims: We Stand With You

From the Web: Source: By Libertarian Party (LP Press Release) January 29, 2017 For Immediate Release January 29, 2017 Contact: Carla Howell, media [at] LP [dot] org or (202) 333-0008 x 222 In the early morning hours of January 28th, a fire broke out in the Victoria Islamic Center in Victoria, TX. It quickly destroyed …

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Oct 26 2016

As a Muslim American, I will vote my conscience this November. By abstaining

From the Web: Source:  By Qanta Ahmed (the guardian) October 24, 2016 I am an American Muslim with one vote, and no person for whom to cast it. I became a citizen less than a year ago. This is my first election and yet, I won’t be joining the millions of other Americans going to …

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Oct 20 2016

Is Islam a “Religion of the Sword”? Part 3

From the Web Source: By Kabir Helminski and Hesham Hessaboula (BARAKA Institute) January 30, 2015:  See Part 1 of 3 HERE and See Part 2 of 3 HERE … Furthermore, when Muslims do fight in war, all is not “fair,” as it has been said. Islamic Law has always recognized principles of just war. Muslims are …

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Oct 14 2016

Is Islam a “Religion of the Sword”? Part 2

From the Web Source: By Kabir Helminski and Hesham Hessaboula (BARAKA Institute) January 30, 2015, See Part 1 of 3 HERE … Another set of verses seemingly declares that all non-believers are to be attacked and killed: “And let them not think—those who are bent on denying the truth [i.e., unbelievers]—that they shall escape [God]: …

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Oct 05 2016

Is Islam a “Religion of the Sword”? Part 1

From the Web Source: Image Source: By Kabir Helminski and Hesham Hessaboula (BARAKA Institute) January 30, 2015 There are a number of verses in the Qur’an that appear to call for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, and these verses have been too often quoted out of context with what appears to be a willful …

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Jul 30 2016

Will it be Hillary or Trump: Does it really matter?

[The following are excerpts from an article published on Crescent Online. Additions and deletions by M4L are contained within brackets “[ ]”.  – M4L admin] From the Web Source: By Crescent Online ( July 26, 2016 Many people naively believe that history-making is something good. What difference does it or will it make if Hillary …

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Jul 27 2016

‘We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar’

From the Web Source: By Nadezhda Kevorkova (RT – Op-Ed) January 30, 2015 The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine. Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), 49, is the only Orthodox …

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