May 21 2015

Anjem Choudary as ‘native informer’, and new Fox News ‘house Muslim’

anjemBy Will Coley
May 2015

The entire concept of the ‘native informer’ is that they hold an association with a culture that the war machine is attempting to exterminate. Much like a native American who profits from telling stories of scalping settlers, or the “useful Jew” who assists the Nazis in hopes of saving himself from the ovens….the “native informer” provides validation of the war propaganda, parroting the deepest fears of the most irrational nationalist. Dr Zuhdi Jasser has filled this position quite well for nearly the last decade, but it would seem there is now another….with a whole new song and dance.

Anjem Choudary provides a very articulate, convenient caricature of every orientalists’ nightmares. Dark skin, loud tone, heightened aggression, disdain for Christians, disdain of ‘western culture’, advocacy of violence. A gross exaggeration of what we have been taught that the stereotypical Arab (Muslim) is….even though he’s not even Arab, but of south Asian descent.

This caricature takes the concept of native informer to a whole new level. While the original role-player simply provides a vocal validation of “yes those people are evil, but look at me, I am different, see my haircut, my clean shaven face, my shirt and tie, I have accepted your superiority, i have ‘assimilated”. This new version takes that, and adds a bit of good character acting.

For years Anjem Choudary has provided a convenient caricature to whip up popular support for the UK’s aligning with the US in our ventures to subdue the Middle East. I find it no surprise that his popularity in the UK media began to rise, as popular support for the war, in UK, began to bottom out, and now he’s brought his dog and pony show here to the US airwaves, via Fox News​, just as support for the Anti Islam movement in the US, is taking it’s own nose dive.

For the war profiteers, and hatemongers, Choudary is a dream come true, unlike Jasser, who looks milk toast, and nonthreatening in his tweed jacket and pastel tie, Choudary provides fire and fear, not just a confirmation of words, but an entire theatrical display. Nothing scares the pants off of white middle class America and retired folks like long bearded, brown skinned men ,with funny names, and funny hats.

Choudary doesn’t just say “those people are bad, but I’m a good assimilated muslim”, no he provides a show, “Look at me, my scary long beard, and my kufi, this is the danger of not destroying muslim culture, be afraid, BE AFRAID!!!!!”

It remains to be seen when this type of intellectual dishonesty from our our media will no longer be tolerated by the public. But one thing is for sure; Until that day comes, we’ll see lots more of Fox News’ two favorite house Muslims, squaring off to scare the pants off of old white people, while turning a handsome profit in the process.

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  1. Phillip Slepian

    Where’s the beef, Will?

    You trash both Jasser and Choudary without citing one example of why these Muslims don’t pass M4L’s Islamic Litmus Test. What specific views of each do you feel are inauthentic Islam?

    I admire Dr. Jasser, while acknowledging, sadly, that he probably has very few followers amongst Muslims in America (or elsewhere).

    Choudary, on the other hand, claims to speak for normative Islam. And based on what I have read and heard from him, I find it difficult to argue with his Islamic authenticity. Am I frightened by beards and funny hats? I don’t know. I have been in Pennsylvania without being frightened of the Amish. I have been in Brooklyn without being frightened of the Hasidim. But then, neither of these groups have people who claim to speak in their name that call for the submission of the rest of the world to their systems of belief and law. Nor have I heard of many of these bearded, funny-hat-wearing Amish or Hasidim screaming “Allahu Akhbar” as they gun down unarmed U.S. Marines. Scary is as scary does.

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