Sep 26 2014

A Tale of Two Murders: Moore, OK and Media Bias

mooreOH LOOK!!!!! Someone did something stupid or violent that happened to be Muslim, time for everyone to freak out.

Yes, today in Moore Oklahoma 30 year old Alton Nelson, drove to his previous place of employment, hit a car, then went inside and murdered two people, before being put down by someone carrying a gun. Kudos to the man carrying. Of course we now have 24 hour coverage of the scene on the ground, and the litany of ‘required’ apologies from the various Muslim rights groups….

…but I have a question…

Why is this national news, or more importantly why is this national news, but similar stories from this week are not? Let’s rewind 72 hours, and go to Birmingham Alabama, from Local News Channel 5 under the headline,

‘Police: Fired UPS Employee Kills 2 Ex-Colleagues’

“Authorities said a man fired from UPS a day earlier put on his work uniform, drove to an Alabama package sorting center, evaded security and gunned down two former co-workers.

Police said the shooter, identified as 45-year-old Kerry Joe Tesney, lay dead atop his gun from what they said was a self-inflicted wound.

UPS said the shooter entered Tuesday after about 80 drivers had left for the day to deliver packages, possibly avoiding even more bloodshed.

Police haven’t released the victims’ names but said they were part of management.

Pastor Bill Wilks of NorthPark Baptist Church described Tesney of the Birmingham suburb of Trussville as having been troubled over his work and financial situation but said the shooting was unbelievable.”

Hmmmmm so I ask, why was this double murder by a disgruntled worker not immediately national news? Why wasn’t the headline “Christian Postal Worker Kills 2”? As usual this story furthers the ‘scary muslim’ narrative, so it’s immediately moved to the front. If a local christian on hard times loses his job and kills two coworkers, he’s just that, but if a muslim does the same. It’s instantly political fodder and a religious/political issue, he did it ‘BECAUSE he was MUSLIM’, not because he was “troubled over his work and financial situation”.

This is just one in a string of obvious double standard biases that have been perpetrated by the mainstream media, and those who make a living off of attacking Islam.

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