Sep 17 2016

A Precedential Limerick


A Precedential Limerick
by Ramy Osman


Voting for an American president

You’d think is a major accomplishment

But people limit their choices

Silence their own voices

And then choose one of two incompetents


Choosing one of two incompetents

Will make your voice inconsequent

A lesser of two evils

They’ll do things illegal

So why act like a loyal subservient?


Acting like a loyal subservient

YOU become part of the establishment

The propaganda you inhale

From the campaign trail

Clouds your mind like a filthy intoxicant


A mind clouded by a filthy intoxicant

Is not worthy to vote for a president

Rethink your options

Reclaim your conscience

And have courage to set a new precedent


vote for precedent

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