Sep 17 2016

A Precedential Limerick


A Precedential Limerick
by Ramy Osman


Voting for an American president

You’d think is a major accomplishment

But people limit their choices

Silence their own voices

And then choose one of two incompetents


Choosing one of two incompetents

Will make your voice inconsequent

A lesser of two evils

They’ll do things illegal

So why act like a loyal subservient?


Acting like a loyal subservient

YOU become part of the establishment

The propaganda you inhale

From the campaign trail

Clouds your mind like a filthy intoxicant


A mind clouded by a filthy intoxicant

Is not worthy to vote for a president

Rethink your options

Reclaim your conscience

And have courage to set a new precedent


vote for precedent


  1. db decopp

    You are thinking of communism, commies from the 60’s & 70’s was liberals. Freedom no work, peace, love crap.

    Instead of hard work.
    I have been given the finger while driving with with my trump stickers on my car.
    But trump is the mean nut. Riots from fruits with BOWS in thier hair

  2. Db Decopp

    Sounds a little like commie talk. M4LIBERTY ?

    We get to blame ourselves because we voted.

    You see this year Hillary cheated Bernie out of a chance emails from DNC

    Trump won dispite main stream Republican NEVER TRUMP

    So we do have a say in the process.

    1. ramy

      Actually mainstream Republicans are supporting Trump. That’s one of the reasons why he’s doing so well. The “Never Trump” Republicans are a minority, and they eventually end up endorsing him anyway.
      Bernie supports Hillary. So what “say in the process” do you think you really have?

      Muslims4Liberty are not Commies, we advocate for minimum government and maximum freedoms. The Commies are the government worshipers who think that government is the solution to everything, and think that governments grant rights. We don’t think that.

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