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M4L gold tree logoMuslims4Liberty is an organization primarily of American Muslims who are committed to advancing the cause of liberty from a principled and Islamic perspective. M4L combines activism, outreach, charity, voluntaryism and other avenues that can contribute to its mission. We are not limited to a single school of Islamic jurisprudence, theology or interpretation. Rather, we are united in our focus on the Quranic principles and the prophetic methodology which ensure the preservation of human liberty and dignity.

Communities and regions around the world have to each develop their own concepts of freedom while staying true to their history and tradition. M4L is a bridge for connecting eastern and western traditions of freedom.

M4L is not affiliated with Campaign for Liberty, the Libertarian Party, or AFID’s Muslim Liberty Project.

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National Director – William Coley

M4L co-founder. A long time activist in the Tea Party movement. Former co-host of “Tea Party Patriots Live” on WORL 660 Orlando FL, the first Tea Party radio program in America. Gives lectures on Islamic history, interfaith relations, and Islamic law (Sharia). Has become nationally known for challenging Islamophobes on their home turf. A recipient of the 2012 Liberty Inspiration Award.  Is currently completing training in Islamic studies and Sharia through a Qatar-based WebCT program.


Assistant Director – Davi Barker

M4L co-founder. A prolific writer and Graphic Designer for Muslims for Liberty and numerous other websites. Editor of the Daily Anarchist. Known as the Muslim Agorist, his work has been posted on a variety of political commentary sites and on prominent Muslim sites such as Illume Magazine and (formerly) SuhaibWebb.com.  His personal blog-site is the San Fransisco Muslim Examiner. He is also owner of ShinyBadges.com.


North East Director – Hesham El Meligy

M4L co-founder. An interfaith and community organizer in New York City. He is founder of the Islamic Civic Association, and co-founder of Building Bridges Coalition. Also a contributing member to New York Neighbors for American Values Coalition, and the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms. He received the “Peacemaker” award from Peace Action in 2009. And was the 2013 Libertarian Party candidate in the NYC-wide election for comptroller.


Mid-Atlantic Director – Ramy Osman

M4L co-founder. Coordinator of the mid-Atlantic region. A volunteer for a number of charitable, community and activist causes. Volunteered with the 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. Organized Northern Virginia Muslim community support for a number of liberty oriented candidates in the 2012 election season. M4L Webmaster, blogger, and artist.


Food Freedom Consultant – Bev Baker

A long-time political and food freedom activist, is passionate about nutrition and educating consumers about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods and how to avoid them. She is a co-founder of GMO-Free Florida as they work with other organizations around the country to demand labeling of GMO ingredients on our food.


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